10 Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing Their Wedding Colours

Choosing the colours that will take the spotlight on your wedding day is not always easy.
There are so many different colours to choose from and the colour you choose will affect everything from your flowers and invites to your bridesmaid dresses and overall wedding décor.
Before you make your final decision, you’ll want to take a look at some of these common mistakes. Avoiding them can really help you make sure your big day looks exquisite in person and in photos.

1. Choosing colours online

Before making a decision, you must see the colours in person. Phone and computer screens are often calibrated differently, the colour the human eye sees can be quite different to the item’s actual colour.

2. Ignoring how your venue will work with your chosen colour

The venue will have an impact on your colour scheme. Working with your wedding setting and not against it when choosing your colour palette can make a whole lot of difference.

3. Taking too long to choose a colour

Choosing your colour will affect your wedding planning; from invitations, flowers, table settings, and wedding favours, to bridal party attire and bridal accessories. Choosing a colour before anything else will help with the entire process. If you start adding different colours throughout the planning process your design direction may end up looking a bit all over the place.

4. Forgetting about photos

A resource most people don’t take into consideration is your photographer. Touching base with them to get their insight into your colour palette and how it will look in pictures at the chosen venue and time of day is a really wise idea. After all, you do want your photos to look amazing!

5. Thinking everything has to match

Brides are usually given wedding colour palettes of at least five colours. Any less than that and weddings start to look too monochromatic. For example, instead of purchasing all of your wedding decor and props in blush pink, layer in other tones of pink (such as dark pink, baby pink or rose gold), white, or even little dashes of grey to create an aesthetic combination. Remember, less is more. Too much pink and you’ll feel like you’re drowning in marshmallows.

6. Ignoring your bridesmaids

Not all hair colours and skin tones work with all dress colours. Someone who is pale may look completely washed out in a peach dress, but absolutely gorgeous in a rose red dress. Someone with red hair may clash with your plum coloured dress selection, but look amazing in emerald green. It’s important to take notice of your bridal party’s features. Try to choose a colour palette and fashion style for your bridal party that will complement body shapes and a variety of skin and hair tones.

7. Only focusing on the flowers

There are more features in your wedding that can bring colour to the table than your flowers. Though flowers are gorgeous and bring life to the picture, they aren’t the only thing at your wedding that will make it beautiful. Jazz it up a bit with coloured napkins, tablecloths, chair cushions, table numbers, name tags, table centrepieces or hanging pendants.

8. Picking poor contrasts

Often chosen wedding colours are long-time favourites of the bride and groom. However, when combined these colours can become a disastrous nightmare! Choose colours which blend well together or colours that complement one another, rather than colours that shouldn’t be together. I was always told, “red and pink stink” and “purple and green should never be seen”, however, green can go with anything at a wedding because you will most likely have tonnes of greenery in your floral arrangements! If you’re unsure about your colour combo, ask your stylist or florist!

9. Pairing neons with pastels

Neon or bright colours have a tendency to overpower the elegance of your wedding. Most couples who choose these colours look back on their wedding photos and focus so much on the colours they chose, rather than remembering the special details of their big day. Don’t over-do it!

10. Combining shades of white with pure white

Ivory, champagne, beige, cream and white are NOT the same. These colours are to be used on their own, not mixed together. When using white with other shades of white, the white makes all the other shades look dirty. When using white, add colour.

With all those points in mind, we hope you find choosing a wedding colour scheme a lot less challenging!
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