10 things to do for your spouse each year

So, you’ve been in a relationship for a while, or you’ve recently gotten married. Congratulations! You’re most likely brimming with happiness, and looking forward to your future together. Nevertheless as time goes by, it’s always a great idea to keep the spice in your relationship, and show your partner how much you care about them. So, here are 10 things to do for your beloved each year to keep the romance in your marriage/relationship…

1 Go for a walk together

Put on your walking shoes and head off on a new adventure. A little fresh air and good conversation is enough to lift anyone’s mood. Whether it’s a quick walk along the beach, or tackling Tasmania’s Overland Track, it’ll be fun.

2 Go on a trip together

Head away for a day, a weekend or even a month! Make sure you and your partner have some sort of holiday or trip to look forward to. Whatever your work situation, you should both be able to take a little time off and spend some quality time together. Remember, when you plan trips, it’s not just the time away that you get to enjoy, it’s the planning and excitement that you get to share too. Some favourite holiday destinations include Far North Queensland, Fiji, New Zealand or Western Australia. Or for a shorter trip, head to the East Coast of Tasmania, Port Arthur, Melbourne or Cradle Mountain.

3 Go on an unexpected date

Wait for your partner to get home and surprise them with a reservation at that new restaurant they’ve been wanting to try. The element of surprise is what matters here. How romantic is it to be treated to a night out when you had no expectations?

4 Ice-cream

Yes it sounds simple, but loads of couples will go for an ice-cream when they first start dating. Besides – it’s sweet!

5 Celebrate their birthday

Whether you plan them a party, take them out for lunch, or bake them a birthday cake, just be sure you do something to celebrate your loved one’s birthday. Don’t forget their birthday, and set a calendar reminder if you need to!

6 Celebrate your anniversary

And while we’re talking about special dates, don’t forget this one either! Every year, take your partner out to celebrate your anniversary, remind them of your vows or buy them a gift. Do something for them to remind them that your love for them is important.

 7 Sports days

Watch live sports together. It might be football, soccer, ice hockey, womens cricket or netball. Pick a team and follow them through the ranks. Cheering for your favourite team or player will bring you closer together.

8 Give them a break from housework

Yay! Give your partner a break from the household chores. Whether this is for a specific occasion, or when they’re especially busy or stressed, take over the cleaning or gardening, or hire a cleaner/garden maintenance business for a week – your partner will be eternally grateful!

9 Spa day

There’s nothing like a massage to soothe away the cares of the world! If you want to make it a couples experience, why not both head into the spa for a couples massage or a facial?

10 Buy them a gift

Send flowers to their work or to your home to simply make them smile! If they’re not into flowers, how about chocolates, donuts or a bottle of wine just for being a great spouse!


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