10 tips for surviving a rainy day wedding

Let’s be honest – even if you’re getting married in Tasmania’s summer, there’s no guarantee that your day will stay dry! The thought of rain on your wedding day may seem like a natural disaster of bridal proportions, but there’s a lot to be said for a rainy day wedding. Aside from being a sign of good luck, rain on your big day is an opportunity to have some great photographs taken, and have a party like no one else’s. The key is preparation and having a backup plan. Check our tips for dealing with wedding day rain and avoid your day being a total washout.

1 Make a plan

About six weeks before your wedding, write up a rainy day contingency plan you can give to your wedding suppliers and guests in the event of wet weather. Include alternative directions to a location change and any alterations to your timeline that allow for delays in travel time and setup.


2 Send ‘rainy day’ cards

Include ‘rainy day cards’ with your wedding invitations that tell guests about your alternative plans. You can say something like, “In case of heavy rain, please note that the reception will be held in the local hall…” Also ask your guests to provide their mobile phone numbers so you can send mass texts on the day to keep them updated.

3 Marquee hire

Always have a back-up venue plan. If you are planning to hold your wedding outdoors, ask your chosen venue if they have a back-up plan for inclement weather, and if access to it comes with additional cost. If they don’t have a built-in plan B, consider hiring a beautiful marquee as your back-up. Photo: courtesy Weeding Hire.


4 Photography 

Generally photographers LOVE overcast skies because they offer some of the most even lighting.Talk to your photographer. Do they have a Plan B in the event of inclement weather? Do they have ideas for how to make your rainy day photos fun and unique? Have they thought of alternative photography locations if the weather turns bad?


5 Hair and beauty hacks

Obviously, waterproof mascara is a must for any bride, but a little rain may call for some last-minute beauty changes. If you’re worried about out-of-control humidity hair, consider a beautifully messy bun or loose braid. These styles are on trend and are perfect for preventing frizz and falling hair.

6 Umbrellas and accessories 

Think bright umbrellas and colourful gumboots for both you and your attendants to make light of the dark weather. Your guests will want to stay dry during the ceremony or to get from their cars to the ceremony site or reception venue. Get creative with this opportunity… do you want everyone to have matching umbrellas, or should the audience be a sea of colour? Embrace the umbrella and have fun with it!


7 Laugh it off

Making light of the cloudy skies is the best way to weather the storm. Why not switch your signature cocktail last-minute from a Daiquiri to a ‘Dark and Stormy’ for example, or change your ceremony’s recessional music to ‘Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head’?

 8 Prepare for chilly temperatures

Rain may not be the only weather-related issue. The temperature may drop dramatically, or the wind may threaten to blow your guests away – and not quite in the way you had in mind. Ask your vendors if portable heaters are available, and if not, locate a vendor for these prior to your wedding. Don’t forget to have pashminas, a bolero or jacket ready to go!


9 Scheduling

Consider a flexible timeline. If a torrential downpour looks likely at the time of your vows, consider extending the cocktail hour or perhaps go immediately from vows to the reception. It’ll keep your guests out of the rain and your stress to a minimum.

10 Flexible catering

Check the forecast and keep your caterer on standby – you may want to ask them to serve some warm comfort food and less of the chilled salads and Champagne on ice. If you’re unable to change your catering, think about offering mugs of hot chocolate and mulled wine during cocktail hour.




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