10 vintage wedding ideas

Vintage weddings are a beautiful way to make a tribute to history and bring back all the wonderful perks of the good ole’ days. Bringing back the times will no doubt please those nostalgic guests and give your wedding a special touch.

To fulfil all of your vintage needs, we’ve got 10 things from the past that will take you and your guests back in time.

1. Jazz things up with some crystals and pearls.

2. DIY an antique centrepiece with old books, frames or old tea pots.

3. Create a vintage family tree – literally.

4. Wedding guest books can be boring, so why not get creative?

5. Lace….need we say more?

6. These days we have phones to take selfies and record videos, but for a vintage wedding perhaps hold a ‘phone free’ wedding or have an old time themed photoshoot.

7. Let’s face it, mirrors are an eye catcher. No one can walk by a mirror and avoid seeing themselves and children are doubtlessly mesmerised by them. You could also go a little old school with chalk boards!

8. Light the place up with lanterns and lamps, perhaps with tealights – or provide a fire-pit or drum for guests to stand around and warm themselves if it’s a chilly night.

9. Photoframes, these are not just for glam and grace, they also add to the vintage theme – photos are a way to bring back the past. Either use the old fashioned frames for an amazing DIY project, or fill them with memories of the happy couple.

10. Old wooden crates and ladders are admired for their many uses and rustic look – they will complete your theme perfectly.

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