12 Items You Must Have In Your Wedding Emergency Kit

What is a Wedding Emergency Kit?

A Wedding Emergency Kit is a small bag full of any necessities you may need on your big day. Accidents can happen throughout the day and you want to be ready for anything. 

What do I put in my wedding emergency kit?

1. Stain Remover Pen

You never know what might happen to your dress or shawl. You may spill food or wine on yourself. Or in some cases, the happy couple like to do the “cake smash”, if that is part of the plan, your dress may get covered in chocolate icing! Take a stain remover pen just in case you may need to erase a stain when you have a spare minute.

2. Sewing Kit

Anything can happen on your wedding day. Whether it be an issue with your ‘maids dresses or your own. Rips and tears can ruin your veil, your bridesmaids’ heels may poke holes through your trail, a zipper or button may fall off, some lace may come apart from your beautiful bodice… the list is endless. So keep a mini sewing kit close by in case you go to the toilet and come back with a broken button or eye-hook. A girl’s gotta keep her dress up somehow!

3. Earring Backs

We all know how temperamental earrings can be, especially dangly earrings that never seem to stay hooked in for some unknown reason. Whether you plan to wear some stunning pearl studs or some sparkly diamond danglies, you may want to put a couple of spare backs in a small pocket or something. Just in case that one annoying earring keeps falling out!

4. Bandaids

Wearing new shoes before you’ve worn them in can be a bad idea. But we aren’t here to judge. We have all done it at some point in our lives. However, if this happens to you on your special day, you will hate yourself if you don’t remember to pack some bandaids (nice soft fabric bandaids do the trick!). Seriously, go write it down or pack them into your bag, now. New shoes can rub and blisters are not nice, especially with bare feet!

5. Flat Shoes


On the topic of shoes, if your heels don’t give you blisters, they will most certainly give you feet cramps. We all know you’ll want to dance at the wedding, so get your maid of honour or a bridesmaid to pack some cute little flats or something into her bag for you! Trust us, you won’t regret it.

6. Bobby Pins


Your hair will no doubt be perfect after you walk out of the salon, but if the weather has chosen to curse you with heavy winds, the hairspray they’ve used will probably not hold for long. Take some bobby pins or mini clear elastics just in case your hair decides to misbehave! You don’t want to be enjoying your wedding cake and taking a mouthful with your hair fluffies in it. Gross.

7. Nail File

If you’re one of those people who decide to get their nails done right before the wedding, then you’ll probably want to pack a nail file in your kit too. Shellac nails are usually pretty sturdy, but sometimes accidents happen and your nail breaks, or the tip of your nail chips off. If this happens you won’t want to be fidgeting with it all night because it’s annoying you so much, and you also don’t want it to get caught on anything, especially your beautiful dress! So take precautions. A nail file may only fix it temporarily, but it’s better than nothing.

8. Makeup

‘Don’t. Touch. The. Face.’ – is what you’ll be thinking as soon as your makeup has been done. Buuuut, in all seriousness, you can’t expect your face to remain perfect throughout the day. A guest may come up to you and give you a hug, and rub their sleeve on your face. Your partner may see you and want to kiss you from the first glance. You may be eating dessert, and smear cream all over your cheek. Trust us, you will want to pack a spare lippy, eye-liner or mineral powder in your kit for touch-ups throughout the day/night. – Just in case.

9. Deodorant/Perfume

“Ladies do not smell.” Or that is what society has led everyone to believe. We can’t deny that it’s a natural human bodily function. When you get hot – you sweat. When you’ve been sitting in the same position for a while – you sweat. When you walk around all day – you sweat. When you get nervous – you sweat. No doubt, as the happy couple, you’ll both probably have to deal with some of these things during your wedding. To fix this problem, make sure to wear an antiperspirant on the day and take some nice smelling stuff with you so you can spray yourself whenever you need to.

10. Tissues/Wipes

You probably don’t need an explanation for this one because there is no doubt there will be a few tears shed throughout the day, but you may have to deal with smeared lipstick stains, marks from chocolate icing, children’s grotty fingers, spilled food, or your own sticky fingers, so you’ll need tissues or wipes to clean it up!

11. Snacks

Food is a necessity on a general basis, but on your special day, it is even more of a necessity. If you have morning jitters, you may not want a whole breakfast. If you are having your ceremony around lunch time, you probably won’t eat until the 5 pm canapes, which leaves your stomach empty for the majority of the day. NOT TO MENTION the photo shoot. That will also take up time throughout the day. So we would recommend taking a few small snacks – whether it is a muesli bar, a bag of nuts or a chocolate bar to keep your blood sugars balanced – you’ll need something. You won’t want to be feeling faint or suffer from hunger pains on your wedding day.

12. Panadol

The lucky last item on our list is Panadol. Whether it’s paracetamol or ibuprofen, you should pack some form of pain killer in your kit in case of a headache or any other health issue you may come across. You will want to enjoy the entirety of your big day, so prepare some panadol in your kit so you don’t end up sitting in pain throughout your lovely reception!

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