15 helpful tips for preparing the BEST wedding flowers

Encountering problems with your floral arrangements for your wedding day?!

Fuss no further!

Here we have 15 tips to help you choose your florist designer and flowers, and get you into the swing of things!

Inspired by: https://www.theknot.com/content/top-10-expert-wedding-flower-tips

1. Do your research!

Research before making any rash decisions as you would with any other important things that need organising, such as finding a reliable doctor, making sure the country you’re travelling to is safe before you buy tickets or choosing a school for your child.

Interview floral designers beforehand so you can be assured you are on the same page. the most important thing is that you are comfortable with the designer and that you feel you have a voice when it comes to designing. If you can make a connection with the floral designer they will be able to bring your vision to life, even if you can’t articulate it or know nothing about flowers.

2. Go local

It’s no surprise that in-season flowers are a fair amount cheaper than flowers you have to order specifically. Choosing your wedding flowers based on your wedding destination and date not only saves you money but is a great way to support your local florist. Local florists love having the control over the quality of the flowers they send out and they are genuinely thrilled to be able to help you out as it feels like they’re sending their blooms right from their own gardens!

3. Design a doppelganger

You may be eyeing off those pricey hydrangeas and have a visual in your head, but have you ever thought that you could design something just like it with cheaper blooms?

Your florist can help you find a less-expensive look-a-like. Candice Ryan, a florist from Glenside, PA, says, “Carnations are lovely, accessible, inexpensive flowers that, when bundled, can mimic the ethereal, garden look of a hydrangea.”

Creating a look-alike is a perfect way to save money and bring your vision to life!

4. Think outside the vase

Traditional round glass vases aren’t your only option.

Want a unique centre-piece to catch everyone’s eye?

Morocco-influenced urns, wooden boxes, tea cups and vintage vases that hold your floral designs can bring life to your overall set-up. Don’t be afraid to mix and match; combining anything from thrift shops, things you find in your dusty garage and even family heirlooms can make a charming touch!

5. Not a flower person?

Don’t force it! To jazz up your floral arrangements try adding feathers, buttons, decorative wire, ribbons, candy, paper birds, peacock feathers, succulents, seashells, branches, wheat grass, or even fruits and veggies like asparagus and pears for an eye-catching effect.

Branches of gum leaves and lavender can also be incorporated into your decorations.

6. Spruce up your succulents!

Succulents are crafty lil’ plants that aren’t extremely delicate! To add a little elegance to your bouquets, centrepieces or accents, coat your succulents with a couple layers of metallic spray paint! It will add a little bling to your floral arrangements and make your greenery stand out just that little bit more!

7. Pick a colour & design scheme, not a flower scheme

Any florist can come up with marvelous designs within your budget if you give them colours rather than “must-have flowers” that you specifically ask for.

If you are a bit hesitant to throw away your dream flower, don’t drop out before they show you how some flowers can be swapped for others that may just look even better than you imagined!

8. Recycle your blooms

To cut costs you can make your gorgeous floral arrangements pull double duty! Place your arrangements in portable vases so you can reuse your ceremony flowers and set them up again at the reception. This way, you only need to ask your designer to do half the work and you only need to pay them for one lot of centre-pieces!

Another easy way to avoid buying extra blooms is to fill empty vases at your venue with yours and your bridesmaids bouquets! This way you don’t have to carry them around everywhere and you will all know that they are safe as the night goes on!

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9. Don’t forget greenery

Foliage is your best friend. Incorporating foliage with unusual textures into your flower bunches can turn boring arrangements into stunning collections! Greenery helps fill out and thicken your arrangements so you aren’t filling your vases with copious amounts of much more expensive blooms! It is also a lot cheaper than any flowers you’ll find!

10. Make it personal

Select your wedding flowers for a reason. Do you have memories of your fiance bringing you pink roses? Does your grandmother grow carnations or waratah in her garden? Does your mom wear gardenia-scented perfume? Flowers should be chosen for a reason, not just for the colour! Make your floral arrangements not just beautiful, but special and close to your heart. It will make your day feel so much more personal and warm-hearted!

11. Put together a ‘Vision Board’ for your florist

Your florist cannot read minds. If you want something specific, you need to mention it. Put a few things together so you can give your designer a collection of things to use as a guide. Anything from colour swatches, magazine pictures, photos off websites or even giving them your favourite colour will help them wrap their heads around what YOU want.

12. 45° angle (you can finally make use of all those angles you learnt at school!)

To make your beautiful blooms last longer they need to be able to absorb water easily. When stems are cut flat they don’t absorb much water, however if you cut your stems on a 45° angle they will definitely stay fresh and absorb as much water as they can!

13. DIY petal confetti

Instead of buying and wasting extra flowers, cut up the heads of the excess blooms you already ordered with scissors; put them in a bucket or fill paper cones with them for your guests to access when they want to throw confetti at you down the aisle!

14. Rose thorns

The princess never deserves to be pricked by a rose thorn!

If you decide to order roses and the florist you got them from hasn’t de-thorned the rose stems yet, then it is up to you to keep your bride-to-be safe! To de-thorn them all you need is a cheap pocket sized $5 stem stripper/thorn stripper which has an sharp inner edge that you pull along the stems to strip off all the unwanted leaves and thorns from your gorgeous roses!

15. Floral ice-cubes

You know those horrid bars and restaurants that serve you glasses filled with ice rather than a beverage or the ice cubes just taste like chlorine? We’ve all been there! not to worry! You can make your own floral ice cubes or beg your venue to make them to add a floral accessory to their bar.

“Floral ice-cubes?!” You ask? the idea is, you don’t consume them. they are simply prepared to add detail to the serving of your beverages.

To make them, you simply boil some water, wait for it to cool; press your desired petals into each mould and freeze until frozen.

This also works with other small flowers if you would rather the visual of whole blooms!

The experience of planning a wedding does not have to be difficult or stressful, with these creative and useful tips your gorgeous flowers and floral decorations will be sure to turn heads!
If you have any other ideas or tips you’ve come across be sure to comment below!

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