16 Things that will make you say “I wish I did that at my wedding!”

Having trouble coming up with ideas for your wedding?

Here are 16 things for you to jazz up your special day and make it everything you’ve ever wanted. Entertaining! Exciting! Enjoyable! Passionate! Unique! ….before you say “I wish I did that at my wedding!”

1. Live wedding painter

Hire a painter to capture a view you’d like during your wedding. Perhaps a landscape of your reception space and guests.

2. Wedding wheel

Have a wheel at your wedding for your guests to spin and win prizes for a bit of fun!

3. Coasters

Offer your guests coasters so they don’t lose their drinks while they dance.

4. To-Go boxes

Prepare to-go boxes for your guests to take cake or other goodies home after your wedding

5. Photo table numbers

Print photos of you and your partner at the ages corresponding to the table numbers and stick them on your tables for your guests to enjoy!

6. Pin something sentimental on your bouquet

Some brides like to attach something sentimental to their bouquets as something special to have during their special day. (For example, you could pin your sorority sisters’ membership pin onto your bouquet.)

7. Instagram hashtag

Create an Instagram hashtag for your guests to use in order to share photos of yours and your partner’s wedding. It’s fun for them to record your special day and it’s also a good way for you to get a lot of extra photos of special moments everybody captures!

8. Song requests

On your RSVP’s, leave a space for your guests to write a song request for you to play at the reception and make your day not just enjoyable for you and your partner, but everybody else.

9. Shoe game

The bride and groom are seated back to back and each hold one of their partners’ shoes and one of their own. Then, the maid-of-honour, best man and other guests read a list of “who” questions about the relationship – (“Who does most of the cooking?”, “who made the first move?”, “who hogs the blanket every night?”) to which the bride and groom hold up the shoes of the person who best fits the answer!

10. Love letters

Write love letters to each other on the day of your wedding and pop them in a box for you two to open on your first anniversary for a lovely surprise!

11. Shoe message 

Something your fiance can do the morning of your wedding is write a sweet little message on the bottom of your shoe for you to read after the excitement is all over; OR get your bridesmaids to write their names on the bottom of your shoe. It’s said that whoever’s name does not wear off the bottom of your shoe by the end of the night is the next to be married!

12. Pinata

Get your guests to write notes filled with wisdom, advice, love or quotes and after your wedding make a pinata and fill it with the notes. On your next anniversary smash the pinata for some sweet surprises!

13. Darts and paint balloons

For something fun and creative, cover a canvas with water balloons filled with paint. Get your guests to throw some darts and give it their best shot! Afterwards, remove the balloons and voila! You have a masterpiece to hang on your wall as a reminder of your amazing day!

14. Prediction and advice cards

Have a pile of small cards and a box for your guests to write predictions and advice on so you can open it later on.

15. Blacklight RSVPs

Write a number or symbol on each RSVP with a black light pen. When you get them back you can figure out who’s RSVP’s they are if they have illegible handwriting or don’t put their names down.

16. Heart-shaped confetti

Get a copy of your favourite book and punch heart shapes out of the pages to use as confetti for your guests to throw during your ceremony!

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