2019’s Top 3 Wedding Colour Schemes

Sarah Eliza

There are two kinds of brides in this world. The ones who have known exactly what their wedding is going to look like since they were 13 years old, and have everything planned out in their head. Then there are the brides who have absolutely no idea what they want! If you’re one of those people who have no clue, this article will definitely help you out!

Wedding colours are hard to choose. You have to think about the flowers, whether the ones you want will be in season for your wedding or not. You have to make sure your bridal party’s attire matches the colour scheme, you have to make sure the colours match the atmosphere you’d like to achieve. You have to be able to access decor with the exact colours you want. You have to make sure the colours compliment everyone in your bridal party – otherwise, you may have a bridesmaid that looks incredibly washed out and ill, when she really isn’t.

You may be thinking, “It’s my day, they’ll wear what I tell them to.” but on your wedding day you’ll want everyone to be happy and everything to run smoothly so you have no bad memories of your special day. A happy bridal squad means a happy bride.

So, what colours should you be considering for your wedding?

This year, Emerald Green & Blue, Violet & Marigold and Cranberry & Sage Green have been three of the most popular combinations.

Emerald & Blue

– a bold colour scheme for the ones who want to make a statement.

Violet & Marigold

– a calm combination of warm colours for the ones who like to keep things simple

Cranberry & Sage

– an elegant combo for the ones who love a sophisticated and distinguished look

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