21 Trendy Summer Wedding Ideas

It’s getting to that time of year where the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, which means, summer is near! If your wedding is during summer, check out the twenty-one summer wedding ideas below to spruce up your big day!

  1. Flower Crowns
    When you were little and it was warm outside you probably sat in a circle with your friends and made daisy chains to give to each other. Flower crowns are the perfect way to bring back some fond memories on your special day. The best part about flower crowns is that you can match your crown with your bouquets!
    For some pretty flowers or some guidance making your crown/crowns, visit Floral Design Tasmania.

2. Gin Bars
Everyone loves a cold beverage on a hot day, so a Gin Bar is a great way to allow your guests to help themselves to a drink and freely walk around and mingle. (You could even set up two bars and offer ‘His & Her Cocktails’ – See next images.)

3. Couple’s Cocktails
For a cute gesture at your reception, set up ‘His’ and ‘Her’ favourite cocktail/beverage for the guests to enjoy! Guests always love more than one option so setting up multiple drink dispensers is a great way to let your guests choose for themselves.

4. Garden Games
From croquet and giant jenga to sack throwing and hessian sack races, how wild will your garden games be?
Below are two ideas to inspire you.

5. Hay Bales
Hay bales are a great DIY addition to your wedding decor! For a few ideas, you could make ceremony benches, seating for reception, tables to place decorations, adds height to your signage, create a maze for kids to run around in, or you could even fill up a trailer with stacks of hay and take your guests for a hay-ride around the property! – just like the good ‘ole days.

6. Beer Buckets
Who doesn’t like a good old fashioned garden party with beer by the bucket?! …or in some cases, baths. Large ice buckets or old bath tubs are a great way to store your cold drinks when you’re outside on a summers day.

7. I scream, you scream, we all scream for iiice-creeeeam!
Dessert is the best part of a meal, right? For a sweet summer touch, serve ice-cream to your guests. Don’t forget to put out napkins for all those ice-cream drips!

8. Live Music
While the sun’s out and the skies are blue, why not take advantage of the glorious weather and the special crowd around you and take the opportunity to hire some singers to serenade your guests with live ambient music!
If you’re in need of a performer for your wedding, check out Tyler Hudson Music.

Tyler Hudson Music

9. Festoon Lighting (aka – cafe lights or party lights)
Having that little bit of dim lighting in a small area or a marquee is going to bring your venue to life! Not only will these lights light up the area and set the mood for the night, but they will also be perfect for any guests who have issues with bright lights.

10. Summer Saviours
This section is for all those summer activities every family enjoys! Whether its to sit by the pool and soak up the sun, or crack a barbie for your mates, these are the occasions we all live for. So, set up your ceremony or reception tables around a pool, host an “I do.” barbecue, or have your photos taken by the beach!

11. Photo Booths
These days everyone has their phones out and indulge in taking selfies when the lighting is right, so while the sun is shining set up some picture frames, an Instagram frame, or set up some props for your guests to use for their photos. Don’t forget to mention the hashtag you set up so everyone can share their pics with you!

12. English Garden Theme
For something special on your big day, take the bridal squad on a detour to some fancy public gardens for bridal photos, or better yet, host your ceremony in a garden venue for your guests to admire. Old English gardens add a special enchanting component which only adds to the romance of it all.
For a similar old-fashioned garden feel, check out our historic garden venues Quamby Estate, and Brickendon Estate.

13. Marquee to the Rescue
You, as a bride will want a place to retreat to when the breeze starts so your hair doesn’t get ruined or lift your dress. Marquees and tents provide shelter and shade for when it’s hot and breezy so your guests can find a place to sit and eat.

14. Outdoor Ceremony
Summer is your chance to have an outdoor ceremony and not run the risk of cloudy gloomy weather.
Tasmanian Venue Ideas for an Outdoor Ceremony: Wrest Point, Royal Hobart Golf Club, Quamby Estate, Barilla Bay, Stonesthrow, Beaches Restaurant, Lemonthyme Lodge, Glen Albyn Estate, Josef Chromy, Spreyton, Willie Smiths, Botanical Gardens, Tailrace Centre, Tall Timbers, Penny Royal, Home Hill Winery, Brickendon Historic Estate.
These are also suitable for an outdoor reception: Wrest Point, Quamby Estate, Glen Albyn Estate, Spreyton, Willie Smiths.

15. Jam Jar Florals
Are you a fan of DIY activities? Recycled jam jars make perfect flower vases. Either hang them on hooks, chairs, or add them to your centrepieces on your tables. Decorate with lace or ribbon for a rustic look!
For some gorgeous flowers, Frances from Floral Design Tasmania can help you out.

16. Beach Wedding
What would be better than sitting on the beach with the sound of the waves crashing and fresh sea breeze gently brushing past? Beach weddings are amazing, whether you just have your ceremony there or throw a beach party reception.

17. Summer Fair Theme
Excite your guests by theming your wedding something fun! Perhaps based on a Summer Fair or Carnival. Think, face painting, outdoor games, fairy floss, popcorn bags and balloons!

18. Seaside Seating
If you are planning on having your reception at a venue with a view, take the opportunity to allow your guests to dine out and enjoy the stunning view. You won’t regret it!

19. Wedding Signs
Signs not only help your guests get around your chosen venue, but also add a cute touch to your wedding. What’s better is you can recycle old wood or wooden pallets to make your signs!

20. Teepee Venues
Teepee tents are the best for a summer wedding because of their half open structure. Get the best of both worlds on your special day!

21. Naked Cakes
Apart from the name, these naked cakes are usually overflowing with gorgeous florals and filled with light, fluffy buttercream. A naked cake is the ideal laid-back cake for the summer season.
Just be sure to position it out of the sun to stop the buttercream from melting! I you’d like to find someone who can make you a naked cake for your wedding, see Jess’ Creative Cakes or Robyn’s Cakes of Heavenly Indulgence!

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