23 Ideas to Spruce up your Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings are a smart idea. They’re convenient, good for small intimate groups, and good for your budget. However, some couples assume backyard weddings are too casual and not very flexible when it comes to theming. We are here to tell you that there are many ways to turn your backyard into anything you desire!

If you’re heading towards an elegant, formal look, a tented wedding reception may be the way to go! Decorate with some light wispy curtains with vines of florals or greenery for an eye-catching entrance. Hang chandeliers or industrial styled light pendants from above for a bit of ambiance, and bring your guest’s tables to life with fancy candles and tasteful linens. Bringing the indoors out in the form of a lavish lounge area will help create a more sophisticated vibe.

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On the other hand, if you don’t mind the look of a casual affair and decide to go for a rustic look, you can design the ultimate backyard wedding  with hessian fabric and gorgeous greenery. Think, a ceremony arch -abundant with cascading greens, runners of gum leaves on rustic wooden tables. If you want to include something fun, set up lawn games during cocktail hour, and for a bit of personalisation, add your own touch — stamp your initials on croquet balls or paint an oversized Jenga set to match your wedding colours.

No matter how you style your backyard setting, nature is always a great source of inspiration — Pull leaves from a tree right in the backyard, with a bit of calligraphy they can become escort cards for an easy DIY. Potted trees or sculpted bushes would make fantastic additions to the inside or outside of the reception tent, or as aisle markers – perhaps to match the backyard?

From a peaceful, organic feel of an outdoor wedding to a classy, luxurious tented reception, these 25 ideas below prove that a backyard wedding doesn’t have to be so laidback.

1. Create A Lounge Area To Chill Out

Somehow, this intimate lounge setting manages to be impossibly chic and cozy at the same time. Pair terracotta tones with Russian rugs and wooden furniture for an effortless mix.

2. Bring Plants Inside The Tent

Bring trees, shrubs, or potted plants inside your marquee for a magical forest vibe. Combined with reception tables covered with candlesticks or greenery, you’ve got a gorgeous backyard wedding.

3. An Outdoor Gelato Bar

If you’re fond of rustic Italian vibes, an outdoor gelato bar is the way to go! Finish it off with wooden elements and greenery. How sweet are those striped cups?

4. Add Linens To Your Decor

If you’re going for something dreamily bohemian, mix fancy chairs with a few fancy drapes and some stunning bouquets!

5. Add Some Colour To Any Outdoor Tables

Rustic wooden tables laden with coloured glassware and greenery add charm to this peaceful waterfront view.

Glen Albyn Estate

6. Make An Entrance

Make a grand entrance for a tented backyard reception. To spice it up, add curtains draped back complimented with foliage, and candles.

Linda Pasfield Photography

7. Go Green(er)

Wreaths of greenery can go a long way. Hang them on from the roof for a subtle entrance statement.

Sarah Eliza Photography

8. Theme Your Wedding Around Your Surroundings

For a natural feel, model your decor after the surrounding landscape you have. How gorgeous is this reception table? The perfect layout of the white tableware, the wooden chairs blended nicely with the pendant lights, and the copious amounts of greenery.

Linda Pasfield Photography 

9. Display Baked Goods

A wedding isn’t complete without dessert — it’s the icing on the cake, no pun intended..

10. Use Your Pool As a Feature

Transform your pool into the centrepiece of your wedding. Not only does the pool look beautiful surrounded by mood lighting, but it also gives your wedding a nice chilled ambience.

11. Less Is More

Minimalism is the key to this spread, accented by a fabric runner and glass vases – this is the perfect combination for a simple, neat wedding.

12. Use Potted Plants For Your Centrepieces

Potted flowerless plants mimic the shrubbery of a backyard, so you could either use any green leafy plants you have, OR decorate your tables with a single Kokedama centrepiece.

13. A Chandelier Of Greenery

A draping ceiling feature made of greenery hangs above an intimate sheltered reception. Just perfect!

Spreyton Cider Co

14. Lawn Games Are Always Fun

Cocktail hour gets a lot more fun when there are lawn games to play. Elevate a noughts and crosses game and place it in the backyard for later.

15. Bring The Bar Outside

Stock up a wooden panel with empty cups next to a few beverage choices for a quick and stylish refreshment station.

16. Make A Picture-Perfect Display

Stacked white crates filled with black and white photos of the bride and groom, gum leaves, and lanterns for a personal decor statement that’s both refined and rustic.

17. Decorate With Black And White

The outdoors have never looked so elegantly classy, thanks to a gorgeous tented reception in chic black and white with a glowing chandelier.

18. Small Leaves Are The Finishing Touch

Small leaves make a big statement in a simple place setting, bringing the backyard straight to the table.

19. Have A Cart With Fruity Drinks

Fruity drinks are a must for a summer backyard wedding. Display them in an old wagon for a bit of vintage elegance.

20. Let Nature Work Its Magic

Let nature work its magic — greenery is all you need for a breathtaking backyard ceremony backdrop.

21. DIY Leaf Escort Cards

Leaves as escort cards not only compliment a backyard wedding, they’re a budget-friendly DIY. Give them a feminine touch with pretty bows or gemstone stickers.

22. Have An All-White Colour Palette

A backyard reception gets a formal take in all-white beauty with flowing table cloths, high-back chairs, and sparkling fairy lights.

23. Add A Smidge Of Lavender

A little lavender brings a cute French touch to your theme. Whether you lace your bouquet with it, decorate candles with it, or hang bunches of it on the chairs down the aisle – it’s a great last minute addition.

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