4 Reasons Not to Rush Your Wedding—and 3 Reasons Why You Should

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One of the first things you do after you get engaged is decide when your wedding will be. As a couple you’re happy, in love, and eager to be together forever, so you may be prompted to tie the knot as quickly as possible. Or, on the contrary, you may be planning on hosting a full blown wedding which entails creating a wedding-planning to-do list. The process of completing the list tends to take a while, making it a much longer engagement.
So, should you set aside everything and walk down the aisle now, or should you take your time? We’ve researched it and below are a few top reasons not to rush your wedding – and a few as to why you should.

Lifestyle Images by Alexandra Grimshaw

Why you shouldn’t rush it.

Ashley Rhodes, owner of Ashley Rhodes Event Designs, says, “The details take time! A longer engagement means more time to tend to each and every detail, allowing you to make sure the venue, custom products, and logistics are all covered.”

  • If you allow yourself time before the nuptials you will lessen the risk of regretting rush decisions.

Rhodes adds, “Your guests need time to plan too, most couples these days are planning three-to-four-day events so they can enjoy the company of their nearest and dearest loved ones. To ensure they’ll be able to make it, plan a wedding with more advanced notice so they can get you on their calendar.”

Amber, one half of Karson Butler Events also says, “Destination weddings take time. Guests appreciate the advance notice when it comes to planning vacation days and shopping for great travel rates.”

  • Get to your friends and family quickly! You don’t know your guests weekly or monthly routines, so make sure you send out your ‘save-the-dates’ early enough for them to book you into their calendars.

Lyndsey Hamilton, creative director of LH Events, says, “A longer planning period allows you to be really thoughtful about the details and customise the experience. We love working within a longer schedule because we can take the time to create specialty items fabricated exclusively for the couple, from bars and lighting to unique fabric items. This adds a layer of personalisation that you can’t get on a shorter timeline.”

  • You would not regret giving yourself spare time to go the extra mile and add any little details you really love.

Emily, the other half of the Karson Butler team, says, “You need time to fit in ancillary wedding events. If you’re planning to have an engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette party before your big day, you’ll either need a longer engagement so guests don’t feel overwhelmed or burdened, or you’ll need to combine the events into single parties or host them on the same weekend.”
“Response times are crucial when it comes to planning a wedding, and your vendors will need to hear back from you promptly—especially if your engagement is shorter. If quick replies don’t work with your schedule or personality type, opt for a longer engagement and planning cycle instead.”

  • If you would like to have a bridal shower/engagement party and a bachelorette party/hens night before your wedding night – you should extend the engagement. Multiple events may be exhausting, physically and financially, especially large families or older ones. Spacing out the events is recommended – unless you want to combine them and have one big party.

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Why you shouldn’t wait.

Ashley Rhodes (mentioned above), says, “Smaller, more intimate affairs can come together quickly. If you’re getting married in your hometown, notify your guests early and make it happen! No need to prolong the process unnecessarily.”

  • If you’re considering a smaller event with the close people in your life it will make for a quick and easy planning process.

Lindsay Hamilton (mentioned above), says, “You shouldn’t overthink it! If you’re on a shorter schedule, there’s no time to second-guess your decisions—which actually means less stress and more decisiveness. If your goal is to be efficient and move on to the next thing on the list quickly, a short planning process is for you.”

  • If you’re the type of person who likes to get things done quickly, and likes things light and breezy – then you shouldn’t worry about a lengthy engagement. There’s no need for the stress!

“Short engagements often mean smaller guest lists.” says the Butler team. “A shorter timeline often means a higher chance that coworkers, friends, or even relatives might not be able to attend. For some couples, this is a good thing, especially if your dream venue is on the smaller side.”

  • If you want to keep the guest list short and host a smaller, more intimate wedding – a shorter engagement is your friend. This is particularly important if your dream venue – or budget – can’t cater for a large crowd.

Sarah Ryan Photography

Though we’ve mentioned a few reasons for either option, it’s all up to you. What type of wedding have you decided on? When is your wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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