5 reasons why Friday weddings are better

Maybe you’ve had your heart set on a certain wedding venue, but when the time comes to actually book it, that second Saturday in January opening is no longer available! Think about changing your wedding day to a Friday, or a Friday evening. There are so many pros to having a Friday wedding!

Just be sure to let your guests know about your Friday wedding in plenty of time so they are able to either take the day off, or leave work early if need be. That way your guests will have the rest of the weekend to enjoy themselves and travel home if they are from out of town.


1 Venue availability

Saturdays are usually highly sought after for weddings because they’re the ‘natural go-to’ wedding day. However, there’s a much greater chance of your dream wedding venue being available on a Friday.  

2 Vendor availability

There’s also a greater chance of booking the wedding vendor you want for a Friday wedding, such as caterers, DJs or bands, photographers, hairstylists, make-up artists and videographers.

3 Cost

As we all know, weddings aren’t cheap, no matter which day you hold them. However, having a Friday wedding can potentially save you plenty on your venue hire.

Other vendors such as DJs or musicians, cake makers and florists may also provide discounts for a Friday wedding.

4 More time to soak in the day 

If your wedding ceremony is held on the Friday evening, you’ll have the entire day to relax with your bridesmaids and family, get ready and enjoy the vibe of your big day. 

5 More time to spend with your guests

By having your wedding take place on a Friday, you can extend your post-wedding festivities by arranging weekend brunches/lunches and getting your guests involved in activities over the rest of the weekend. It will also help you to enjoy the day of your actual wedding a little more, because you won’t feel as rushed.

Guests often love Friday weddings too, because they can party hard on a Friday, and have two days to recover before going back to work.

So give some thought to a Friday wedding, as long as your guests know of your wedding day well in advance, it’s a great option that may save you some dollars, and ensure you secure the services of all your chosen wedding suppliers.


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