5 tips for the father-of-the-bride speech

fatherofthebrideFor many people, public speaking doesn’t come naturally; so brides-to-be – if you’re looking to help out your father prepare for his speech, pass along these five tips!

Fathers-of the bride…

1. Start by introducing yourself

Of course, most of the wedding guests will know exactly who you are but for those guests on your new son-in-law’s side or any less familiar plus-ones, it is good manners to start any wedding speech with an introduction.

2. Don’t be cheesy… and keep the dad-jokes to a minimum!

While you may be tempted to share funny and embarrassing anecdotes from your daughter’s childhood or adolescence, or inappropriate jokes about your new son-in-law, the father-of-the-bride speech should err on the side of tasteful instead.

This is an opportunity to show your daughter your pride in her and the woman she has become. Mark it appropriately and don’t distract from it with cheesy one-liners.

3. Be genuine

Tell your daughter how proud of her you are, how happy you are she has found someone to share her life with and express your love for her as she enters this new stage in her life.

4. Thank the guests for coming

Acknowledge the role the guests have played in marking this special day with your daughter, son-in-law and family. Remember these guests have also given the newlyweds gifts and it is good manners to thank people for this.

5. Conclude with a toast to the newlyweds

Wish them all the happiness and everlasting love in the world. Good luck!

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