7 Last-Minute Wedding Details Brides Need To Keep In Mind

Wedding planning alone takes a lot of effort, but being able to remember every little thing for your special day on top of everything else can be rather straining. So please, take the time to read through wedding sites like this and write down as many things as you can! When the time comes, you’ll be able to reflect back on your notes and say “Oh yeah! I need to do that soon!”, rather than remembering one day before your wedding and yelling a whole string of *bleep* words.

So, jot these seven things down in your wedding planner!

1. Marriage License

You can’t make your marriage legal unless the officiant signs off on the license, so don’t forget this important piece of paper. Either drop it off with your officiant before the wedding or give it to someone within the bridal party who you’re sure will remember it.

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2. Vendor Payments

This only applies if you haven’t already paid them by the day of your wedding.

While you’re probably already concerned with getting the final payments to your venue hosts, you will also need to pay your other vendors. Try not to leave this for the last minute; instead, place all of their payments in separate, labelled envelopes and give them to one of your family or bridal party members to hold onto during the day. This way, you won’t forget to pay anyone!

3. Vendor Meals

It may be wise to feed some of your vendors. Did you hire a band? A DJ? A photographer or videographer? Any wedding planning assistants? You do not want your trusty team to have grumbly bellies during the night, so it would also be a lovely way to thank them for their delightful service. Be sure to give your catering manager the number of extra meals you’ll need ahead of time.

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4. Gift for your SO

You’ve most likely got gifts for your bridal party and favours for all of your guests, but what about your partner? Don’t miss out on giving a special present to your soon-to-be husband/wife. Even if it’s just a small gift or heartfelt note on your wedding day. Your significant other may appreciate something nice before the wedding, just as the nerves start to kick in.

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5. Backup Shoes

Your dream wedding heels will probably get really uncomfortable after hours of wearing them. On top of discomfort, they’re not exactly the most practical shoes to dance in. Take a pair of pretty sandals or flats to your reception for you to slip into when your feet really start to give you grief. You’ll be so thankful if you do!

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6. Transportation Options

If your guests are likely to be drinking at your wedding reception, you should make sure to have transportation options ready to go in case they can’t drive themselves. Thankfully, Uber exists and many hotels offer shuttle services to and from their location. So use these to your advantage!

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7. Wedding Gifts

Designate a trusted friend or family member to get your wedding gifts from the venue to your home. You will probably be too busy saying good-bye to your guests, it’s also your special day so you don’t need the added responsibility. Organize a plan and put someone in charge so that you don’t risk any of your precious gifts getting left behind!

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