Adding the little touches that say “you” to your wedding

When it comes to your wedding we all want to ensure our day is a special and a memorable one. Opting for a champagne breakfast soirée? Or perhaps you’re leaning towards a destination wedding? Maybe you’re more partial to a formal sit-down reception? Or even a roaming dining cocktail event?

That’s the big wedding element sorted. But what about all of those smaller touches which enable you to have your personality as a couple shine through? The little touches that say “you”.

We’ve put together six ways you can personalise your wedding day.

1. Theme it up

By far, one of the easiest ways to make your big day memorable is by choosing a specific theme.

You could go with an autumn theme if you want to symbolise a time of change, or if you want something fun and bubbly try a circus theme, perhaps with juggling acts, hotdogs and fairy floss. Maybe you’re a bit of a romantic? You could go with a sweet, rustic theme or even set up a kissing booth!

For something simple, make your wedding theme a colour. Colour schemes never fail to please, you’ll be sure to catch peoples eyes.

2. Write your own vows

While traditional vows are still popular, personalised vows are on the rise.

Some couples choose to write one set of vows that they both say, while others choose to write and say their own vows individually. If you choose the latter it will make your vows all the more unique and personal.

3. Set up a photo booth

Having a photo booth is a sure-fire way to capture memories your photographer might miss. For an extra-special touch, decorate your booth with props that match your wedding theme.

4. Make an entrance…special

Create a unique entrance to your reception. To give your wedding an extra special touch you could display engagement photos, your parents’ wedding albums, childhood photos and other meaningful mementos from your lives together. Others may choose to simply make their entrance pop with floral arrangements, balloons, lanterns, fairy lights or streamers – any of these additions will bring out a bit of your personality.

5. Get the laughs going

Keep your guests smiling all night and hire a professional jokester to work the room. Whether they’re doing a stand-up routine or just warming up the crowd between meals, the right comedian will know what is and isn’t appropriate material for the occasion.

6. Get groovy

Take a few dance lessons before your wedding, but instead of the standard waltz, kick it up a notch by learning a sultry tango or a high-energy swing routine, and then surprise everyone during your first dance. If you find you have two left feet perhaps create your own personal playlist and dance among yourselves in your own style.

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