Alice + Scott

Wedding date: OCTOBER 22, 2016

Photography: Sarah Ryan Photographer


The meeting

Alice and Scott had known each other through their grandparents, who had been neighbours throughout Alice and Scott’s lives. The pair had only been introduced to one another once or twice over the years. “I had recently moved next door into my grandparents’ house and Scott had done the same with his grandparents’ house the year before,” Alice said. “My mother introduced us properly while having a conversation with Scott over the fence,” she said. “After that, Scott called over a number of times to solve some computer problems, and a short time later he invited my sister and I over for a party at his house on New Year’s Eve.”

The pair soon discovered they had a lot in common. After New Year’s Eve they began spending more time together, and their relationship blossomed from there.

The proposal

Scott proposed to Alice on Valentine’s Day, 2014. The pair had spent the day out – first visiting Mona, then Mount Wellington. According to Alice, Scott’s proposal took place on top of Mountain Wellington – in the rain and cold! “It was typical Tassie weather,” she added.

The wedding

Alice and Scott were married at Stonefield in Brighton. Their wedding theme was rustic/vintage with a native bush theme included in the mix. “We have to say that having our 11-month-old son and Scott’s older son with us on the day was what we loved most [about our wedding], but also that we got to celebrate with our closest family and friends,” Alice said.

Highlights and hitches

“The highlight of the day was our amazing cake from Cake on My Mind,” said Alice. The cake was designed as a white frangipani cake for Alice on one half, and a Star Wars theme for Scott on the other.
“Also, the reception and atmosphere were amazing,” Alice said. “The reception staff and Sonya from Cherubs made it look beautiful. Also our amazing photographer Sarah Ryan, without whom, we wouldn’t have these memories to look back on. She made everyone feel comfortable and beautiful on the day.

Tips for other couples

1. Plan your beautiful day well in advance, so there is no stress in the weeks leading up to your wedding.
2. Get to know the people who are going to work with you to make your day special.
3. Have fun, don’t stress. Everything will work out in the end and it will be the happiest day of your lives.


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