Alyssa + Mathew

It turns out dating websites do work!

Photographer: Sarah Eliza Photography
Date: 28 July, 2018.


Alyssa and Mathew met on a dating website six years ago while Mathew was deployed overseas. After Skyping and e-mailing back and forth for months on end they decided to meet one another before going on a two-week holiday together. There, they fell in love and their life together began.


Imagine this, if you will. It’s the 2nd of May 2014, two weeks before Alyssa and Mathew’s son is due to be born. Mathew leaves the house early in the morning and not long after Alyssa receives a text saying that she has one hour to get ready and pack a bag for the weekend. She is told to wait at the front of the house, bags ready, within the hour. A limousine pulls up outside the house and takes Alyssa to a day spa where she is pampered with a facial, pedicure and pregnancy massage. Afterwards, the limo picks her up and drops her off at a hotel where Mathew stands, waiting for her arrival. There, they have lunch and then head back to the house. Later that night they both go out for dinner. While Alyssa is ordering dessert, Mathew tells her he is going outside and that he’ll be back soon. Waiting impatiently, Alyssa sits at their table for 30 minutes. A waitress comes by and asks her to go up to the hotel room. By this stage Alyssa is a little angry, being heavily pregnant and not knowing where Mathew is. She heads on up and opens the door to find a room full of lit candles and rose petals in the shape of a heart. Mathew was there, bent down on one knee with a white stemmed rose in hand, all while Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’ is playing in the background.

In tears, Alyssa quickly walks over to him and he proposes.

This heartfelt gesture was hugely unexpected. Alyssa just assumed Mathew was spoiling her for the day due to being heavily pregnant. What a surprise!

Two years later they left Townsville and moved to Tasmania.


Alyssa and Mathew’s ceremony was held at Saint David’s Cathedral in Hobart on the 28th July, 2018. The weather held up and was absolutely perfect – despite Tasmania’s reputation for freezing winters.

This wonderful couple chose to have a simple, tasteful wedding rather than choosing a big theme as neither of them are ‘over the top’ people.

Everything on the day ran so smoothly that by the time the girls had gotten their makeup and hair done and arrived at the church, they were early, and the driver had to do laps around the block! When the time came, Alyssa finally appeared in the white limousine they hired.

Mathew, standing at the alter in his handsome army uniform was accompanied by his three trusty groomsmen while Alyssa slowly walked in arm in arm with her father. Alyssa, in all her glory, was holding a superb bouquet of flowers mainly consisting of white anemones, pale pink and red roses, silver brunia balls and cineraria leaves. Alyssa’s bouquet was wonderfully put together by Frances from Floral Design Tasmania.

Their beautiful son was a big part of Alyssa and Mathews day, and many gorgeous photos were lovingly taken by Sarah Eliza Photography of their little family.

Alyssa’s stunning dress had a lovely long-sleeved lace bodice with a skirt made of tulle, which was complemented by a cream satin ribbon as was her veil.

For jewellery, Alyssa borrowed her mother’s cameo brooch, ring and earrings and her mother also made her a garter with lace which was gifted by her grandmother.

To complete Alyssa’s exquisite look, her makeup was done by Kat McNeill, a consultant of the fabulous Mary Kay Cosmetics.

The newlyweds had their wedding reception at the Anglesea Barracks in Hobart. Here, their wedding cake was awaiting them. Their marvellous cake was made of three tiers, two were chocolate mud and the third was a mouth-watering caramel mud cake.


Alyssa says, “The highlights for us were just celebrating our day with our amazing family and friends, some of which we hadn’t seen since we moved to Tasmania in 2016.”

Thankfully, Alyssa said that her wedding had no downfalls, “To be honest, nothing went wrong, everything was organised and it all ran so smoothly, and everything went how we planned.” How great is that!?


The happy couple ended up having the weekend to themselves at Riversdale Estate Cottages and enjoyed having some alone time together. They also had a belated honeymoon in Cairns for 12 days as Mathew was deployed again, right after they got married.


The lovely pair tells us:

  • “Plan your day around what will make you happy, after all it is your day.”
  • “Weddings are celebrations of love. It is just one day, and you have the rest of your life together to make memories.”

So, keep that in mind and remember at the end of the day, you have to be happy!

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