Annabel + Will

The wedding

Annabel and Will’s stunning country wedding was held at Will’s family property at Gordon in Southern Tasmania. The pair tied the knot in front of family and friends in the property’s beautifully-decorated barn. A little rain on the day couldn’t deter the happy couple, and they ventured out to the local jetty for their photo shoot, before returning to the barn for more celebrations and a long night of dancing.

Highlights and hitches

According to Annabel, “The main highlights were having our ‘fur child’ Archie involved in our entire day, and being able to celebrate with family and friends at our family property. The trip [to the property] is an hour each way, but we bussed everyone down there and made an entire day of it.”

The only major hitch on Annabel and Will’s wedding day was the weather. It rained all day until the 4pm ceremony, and the pair had to make a call with only an hour to go to transfer the entire ceremony and afternoon tea that had been set up on the lawns into the barn. “It was a bit disappointing,” said Annabel, “as we had planned picnic baskets and lawn games for our guests, and these were never utilised.” The guests did however, find a good use for the throw rugs that were meant for the picnics – they wore them all night as shawls! Nevertheless, said Annabel, “the bad weather provided the atmosphere for some beautifully dramatic photos.”
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