Announcing your bridal party at your reception

LucyandJordie1Whether your bridal party’s entrance to your wedding reception is fun and festive or formal and orderly, how the group is announced can set the tone for day or evening and lets guests know what to expect.

Follow Bride Tasmania’s traditional, simple way to announce your bridal party.

Speak to your MC before the reception and provide a list of names and titles for all those involved in the wedding party. Remember to be clear on name pronunciations so there are no embarrassing slip ups!

Line up your bridal party in the order you predetermined with the MC, assembling in your private room off the reception area.

Begin the procession with the parents of the bride. If the parents are divorced, have the mother of the bride and her escort walk in first. The father of the bride should follow suit.

Follow with the parents of the groom. The same rule applies for parents who are divorced and will be walking separately.

Organise your bridesmaids and groomsmen in reverse order so that the best man and Maid of Honour are last.

Proceed with each bridal party pairing as their names are announced. The MC should give 30 seconds in between couples so that guests and photographers can take photos as they enter the main reception area.

If applicable, prepare your ring bearer and flower girl next. It may be best if they are very young to have them walk with the best man and Maid of Honour or with their parents.

Enter into the reception site as you are introduced. Normally guests will stand and cheer as you enter and do not sit until you have reached the head table.

If you want a fun atmosphere, let your bridal couples dance into the reception or choreograph their own entrance.

Speak to the MC about what music to play when your party enters. Generally, the bridal party walks into one song while another is played to welcome in the newlyweds.

Upon entry into the reception site, the bridal party should walk to the centre of the dance floor, pause for 30 seconds, then proceed directly to their seats.

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