Are buddymoons the new honeymoon?



A recent poll from foreign exchange specialist Travelex has shown that many newly married couples are considering shunning the traditional romantic honeymoon by inviting along friends. 


The poll revealed almost half of newlyweds would consider buddymooning if it saved them money, as many couples are left somewhat cash-strapped from the wedding celebrations.


Fifty per cent of people would go on a buddymoon if it meant saving up to 25% off of the price of their honeymoon, while another 40% of people would be swayed by a 50% saving. 


Almost half of couples would consider inviting people to their honeymoon if it meant they could go to a more expensive destination.


With couples feeling the growing financial squeeze of tying-the-knot, it’s unsurprising that many are bucking traditional honeymoon trends in order to reign in the cost of getting married – it makes perfect sense to continue the celebrations with loved ones, while sharing the costs. 


Once individual flights are paid for, buddymoon groups can take advantage of group discounts, sharing villas and collaborating on costs throughout their holiday – often meaning they can afford to do more inspiring activities, or upgrade their experience.


Some of the more popular destination for buddymooners include Dubai, Thailand, France, South Africa and Turkey.


Would you consider a buddymoon?

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