Beautiful bridal hair: Expert Q&A

The Holy Trinity of looking the absolute best on your wedding day is your dress, bridal make-up and hair.

Today on the blog, Amelia Sharp, Hobart Salon Manager of Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions, reveals the latest trends in bridal hair and how you should be caring for your tresses leading up to your big day.

What are some trends you are seeing when it comes to bridal hair?

This year In our salon we are seeing  a lot of simple bridal upstyles, with curls placed loosely either in halfup/halfdown or all up hairstyles.

We are also seeing/doing a lot of buns/chignons. The brides we have done this year are also using our hair extensions to enhance their own natural hair for a fuller look, which also helps to keep their hair in a nice curl for their entire special day.

What do you think is the most flattering hairstyle for brides?

There is no one hairstyle for all brides so it is important for them to visit for a trial/consultation. This will help the hairdresser discuss with the bride what is going to be best for their face shape and dress neckline/veil, etc.

What are some of your favourite celebrity looks for brides?

Victoria’s Secret model Elyse Taylor, Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian all had amazing hair for their big day.

What kind of preparation should brides be doing at home in the lead up to their big day?

Its very important for brides to be taking extra care at home of their hair by doing regular treatments at least once a week, especially brides with lighter hair colours to prevent any hair damage. It Is also recommended to visit the salon for regular trims to keep the hair nice and healthy.

What is your favourite part about your job?

Seeing our clients walk out happy and with a beautiful result after their hair is done for their wedding day. You can already see the bride start to relax a bit more, as beautiful hair gives every bride/woman extra confidence to take on their amazing day ahead of them.

What tips would you give to brides to ensure their wedding day hair preparation runs smoothly?

To follow all the tips their hairdresser recommends to them along the way. And if the hairdresser has recommended something make sure they completely understand as communication with the hairdresser is the most important thing as the bride needs to be 100% confident with her hairdresser.

For brides who are unsure whether hair extensions would work for them we do offer a free consultation at Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions and our girls are more then happy to assist with any enquiries you may have. They are an excellent way to give your natural hair more body and/or length.

For more information visit the Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions website or Facebook page.

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