Beautiful wedding flower crowns

Dress up your wedding hairstyle with a gorgeous flower crown. Flower crowns are one of the simplest accessories to wear with your wedding gown, as they are large enough and colourful enough to act as your only accessory. And fortunately for you, the possibilities, styles and colours of flower crowns are endless, and there’s sure to be one to match your style.


Photo above: The Pretty Blog

To find a style that’s essentially ‘you’, consider two things – your own personal style and the season of your wedding. If you’re getting married during spring, think: a wreath of tiny white flowers, perhaps intertwined with pearls — so pretty and delicate.

Summer brides could consider a more bold flower crown. One in a range of bright colours tied together with a lipstick colour that matches one of the flowers in your crown – perhaps a pop of bright pink.

Winter and autumn brides might consider a crown of acorns and greenery. Or the addition of some deeply coloured red or gold autumn leaves.

As a final note – you don’t need to choose between a flower crown and a veil. They work beautifully together!

Check our favourite flower crowns below…


Photo above: rocknroll bride


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