Bridesmaid duties: 6 important tasks for your bridesmaids

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So you’ve made the all-important decision of who should make up your bridal party. We know it’s no easy task, especially if you have multiple best friends, sisters and cousins who could have all made the grade.

Whether you’ve selected a small, intimate number of bridesmaids – maybe just one or two, or you’re going all out with half a dozen, relaying to your chosen bride tribe what their bridesmaid duties and responsibilities are for your upcoming nuptials is no easy feat.

Figuring out who does what when is paramount if you want to keep the wedding planning process (not to mention the big day!) running smoothly.

To help you, we’ve put together a comprehensive bridesmaid duties checklist which reveals the six all-important tasks which will fall to your bride tribe. Ensure you read through it together with your bridesmaids so you’re all on the same page.

bridesmaid duties
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1. The hen’s party

First and foremost the hen’s party is a crucial task for your bridesmaids to take charge of.

Deciding on the venue, the theme, compiling the guest list – bride tribe it’s time to get your party planning pants on! You’ll also be in charge or organising the games, decorations and any “entertainment” for the party.  

2. Dress fittings and trials

The main two appointments you’ll be required to attend include shopping for the all-important “wedding dress” with the bride. She’ll be looking for your input, advice and support when trying to decide between the thousands of styles, fabrics and silhouettes on offer.

Encourage her to try on a few different styles, even if they don’t at first seem like her. That way when she comes across “The One” she will know she’s tried enough dresses on to not have second thoughts later on down the track.

You’ll also have to join the hunt for the perfect bridesmaids dresses. Keep in mind this isn’t your moment to object to a particular colour, fit or hem length. The choice of bridesmaid dress is very much up to the bride.

bridesmaid duties
Image: Lifestyle Images by Alexandra Grimshaw

3. DIY wedding projects

If your bride is keen to incorporate some personal touches into her big day – perhaps with some homemade bomboniere, DIY invites and sourcing personalised wedding décor items – then you’ll need to lend a hand. 

If you have particularly neat handwriting then offer up your services to write out the place cards and signage as part of your bridesmaid duties.

4. The morning of the big day

Aside from being right on time for your hair and makeup call (or perhaps even 10 minutes early!) ensuring coffee and some light snacks are on hand for the bridal party may fall to you, bridesmaids.

Compile a playlist of upbeat tunes for when you’re all getting ready to set the mood for the day and remind the bride to drink plenty of water (as well as the odd Champagne or two) to stay hydrated.  

bridesmaid duties
Image: Linda Pasfield Photography

5. The bridal emergency kit

Nominate one of the bridesmaids to keep the bridal emergency kit on hand. The kit should include a stain remover pen, bandaids, sewing kit, nail file, makeup, perfume and tissues.

Also ensure you do a final check that the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is in place before the bride heads down the aisle.

6. Speeches

Not every maid of honour is required to do a speech as part of her bridesmaid duties, but if you would like your MOH to make one then definitely flag this with her early.

Some areas to cover in the speech include a short back-story of how you and the bride became friends (or if you’re a sibling or other family member, what your relationship was like growing up).

Share what it is about the bride that makes her special to you, some positive anecdotes about the groom, and why you think they make such a wonderful couple.

Also provide some words of advice or a romantic quote or poem. And now for a toast to the happy couple…

… and the completion of your bridesmaids duties! 

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