Carmel + Tom

Wedding date: MARCH 8, 2014

Photography: Lifestyle Images by Alexandra Grimshaw

Venue: Home Hill Winery


The meeting

Having first met several years before through Carmel’s sister, it wasn’t until a few years later, when Carmel was visiting home one Christmas that romance for this pair blossomed.

After two idyllic weeks together they knew they couldn’t end things there, despite Carmel having to go back to Melbourne while Tom stayed in Tasmania. The couple committed to long distance for the next six months before Carmel finally made the decision to move back home to Tassie.

The proposal

Tom popped the question on Carmel’s birthday. Terrible at keeping a secret without a giveaway smirk on his face, Tom thought this was the perfect plan.

“After a small argument about Tom making me get out of bed for my birthday present, I sat on the couch and opened up my gift… which was a Thermomix!” says Carmel.

“Tom said, ‘You better make sure everything is in there’. I thought I’d humour him even though I didn’t know what else should have been in the box,” Carmel says.

“Inside I found a ring box and as Tom got down on one knee
I opened it up to find a handwritten note asking me to marry
him. Of course my first reaction was ‘Are you serious?’ before saying ‘Yes!’ We then made crepes in the Thermomix for breakfast to celebrate!”

The wedding

The couple’s big day was held at Home Hill Winery in Ranelagh, with 90 guests in attendance.

“Wineries are so relaxing and having a beautiful wet weather option when getting married in Tasmania is a must,” Carmel says.

“Our wedding was late in the afternoon, which made the day feel relaxed as we didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and rush around getting ready; except for the boys who had to go to the market to buy flowers for the wedding.”

“The weather was perfect and I loved seeing all the smiling faces as I walked down the aisle.”

Highlights and hitches

The day itself ran pretty smoothly admits Carmel, however the night before the wedding the couple realised they didn’t have their seating plan with them and no way that they could print it off.

Their quick fix was to have one of their friends go around with an iPad on the day and tell guests which table they were seated at. Most guests thought this was a nice personal touch instead of
the mistake it was.

“We did have a slight incident with our MC spilling red wine on the back of my dress early in the night, which caused a few anxious moments,” says Carmel. “Thankfully you can’t see this in any of the photos.”

One of the highlights for Carmel and Tom was hearing the secret vows they had written for each other, which personalised the ceremony and gave greater meaning to the words spoken.

“We loved having our family and friends involved in the ceremony with signing the register and completing readings,” Carmel says.

“We are also incredibly lucky that I have an extremely clever mother who made all the bonbonnieres, our wedding cake and my veil, which were all perfect.”

The honeymoon

As the newlyweds had family that had travelled from overseas
to spend time with them, Carmel and Tom’s honeymoon was short but sweet.

They headed to Bruny Island for a few days to enjoy all the foodie delights the region has to offer.

“We had a particularly lovely day on a cruise to the Southern Ocean seeing the magnificent coastline and wildlife. It was a
great few days to unwind and recharge the batteries after such a
full on week,” says Carmel.

Tips for other couples

• Plan the wedding you want, not one that you think other people expect. Plan the day that reflects both of you and a day that you will enjoy.

• Ask plenty of questions from your married friends, venue, celebrant, florist and all of the other people involved in your wedding. They will have the best idea of how the day should be organised as they have plenty of experience with the minor details that you may not have thought of.

• Don’t get upset about guests that can’t make it. It’s impossible to find a date that suits everyone.

• Don’t sweat the little things. If something isn’t quite right or doesn’t go according to plan only you will know about it. None of your guests will have any idea that it’s not right.

• A post-wedding function the following day is a great idea. The stress is off and you can spend more time catching up with your loved ones that have travelled to see you. Plus you get to hear all about what your guests thought of your big day.


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