Choose your wedding photographer in 4 easy steps

230A0953It’s easy to become emotionally involved when you’re browsing through the beautiful pages of a photographer’s sample wedding album. But while you may want to book that photographer on the spot, there are some practical points you should consider.

Bride Tasmania spoke with Alexandra Grimshaw from Lifestyle Images for her tips on how to ensure your chosen wedding photographer is the right person for the job.

1. Ask your photographer about their style

Alexandra suggests that you ask about the style of photography a wedding photographer specialises in.

Do they do reportage work, casual contemporary shots, or more formal ‘directed’ photos? Will they take black and white, and colour photos? Alexandra suggests that many photographers will offer a mixture of these styles, so ensure that your chosen photographer’s style is exactly what you and your partner want.

IMG24602. Look for experience, reliability and adaptability

Having spent 16 years photographing weddings in Tasmania, Alexandra stresses the importance of hiring an experienced photographer who will be there when you need them, and who can adapt to a range of situations or unforeseen events such as a change in the weather, or the hairdresser running late on the day.

3. Connect with your photographer

Having a strong connection with your photographer is very important.

According to Alexandra, the photographer you choose will play a key role in your wedding day, and you will spend a considerable amount of time with them. They will be on hand in the lead-up to your wedding, during your ceremony and during the significant parts of your reception.

If you are unhappy with your photographer’s behaviour, it may show on your face, and result in a series of unhappy wedding photographs.

230A57914. Choose a photographer who will work with you

Alexandra suggests spending plenty of time with your chosen photographer before your wedding in order to make sure you get what you want. You will need a photographer who will work with you and make valuable suggestions when you are unsure of something.

“Often couples have strong ideas about where they would like to be photographed and why, and it’s important to listen to this, and not try to control the couple’s wedding day,” says Alexandra.

Alexandra first got involved in wedding photography because she loves preserving important moments for people to look back on in years to come. Remember that in 20 years’ time your wedding photographs will spark important memories, so choose your wedding photographer with care.

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