Choosing the perfect bridal lingerie: Expert advice

Bridal SmallWith so many gorgeous designs to choose from, selecting your bridal lingerie can often be an overwhelming task. 

So we called on lingerie expert and Intimo stylist Leila Chami to offer her advice on how brides should go about finding the perfect fit.

What should brides consider when shopping for their wedding lingerie? 

Comfort and fit above all. If a bra does not fit you well and is not comfortable it will be a headache (or breast ache!) on the day. 

To have your dress looking right and your figure looking its best, well fitting lingerie is a must. Spend the extra money to get something that is made well and will be fitted by a professional, the result will be worth it.  

Also, remember to purchase your lingerie for under your dress for at least the final fitting, as your underwear will change your body shape and may alter how the dress fits.

For the wedding night – choose something that makes you feel amazing! The woman in the underwear is what makes it sexy. I do not recommend wearing your wedding night lingerie under your dress; put on something fresh and clean after taking off the dress will make you feel refreshed. 

What are some of the more popular trends you are seeing in bridal lingerie lately? 

Bridal lingerie tends to remain traditional with white or ivory colours and lace details. It’s a beautiful combination so why mess with a good thing! There are so many options now with materials, prints and styles that choosing your bridal lingerie is an individual experience and those who don’t want the traditional look have lots of options. 

What styles are always popular with brides? 

The strapless bra is a must for obvious reasons. Control underwear is also very popular now, however comfort, all day wear and practicality must be considered when buying this underwear. For something sexy it’s all about lace and perhaps a little lift or push up when needed! 

How did you get started in the industry? 

I was looking for a bit of extra income and just happened to love fitting lingerie. It’s so rewarding to help other women who may have had some of the same problems I did with their bras. I love meeting new people and this business is all about the ladies – I’ve met some fabulous women and have been inspired by so many. 

What is your favourite part about your job? 

Getting positive feedback on a good fit; there’s nothing a woman can’t do if she’s got a great bra.

What is something unique to your service that you are extra proud of? 

Bringing the professional bra fitter to you! Why make buying bras a drag when you can do it at home with a glass of wine? 

What tips would you give to brides to make their wedding day run more smoothly? 

Get organised as soon as possible and stick to a reasonable budget! Set up payment plans with your providers and pay things off gradually over the engagement. Coming up to the day there are always extra costs that pop up so having all the major things already paid for will reduce the stress. 

I know this one is a bit of cliché but remember to have fun and enjoy it, at the end of the day it’s not about what you have, it’s who is there that matters. Spending time with your family, friends and new husband/wife is what matters most! 

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