Choosing the right wedding florist

MeganLeeConfused about picking the right wedding florist, let alone the perfect flower arrangements? We chat to Tamar Valley Rose Shop florist Megan Lee for some practical advice.

What are some of the things brides should look for when sourcing a florist?

When choosing your florist I think the bride should select one who will give a written quote, who has a proper shop in terms of workspace, cool room, wedding accessories, and a florist who’s shop is clean, seems interested in their special day and most importantly, a florist whom the bride feels comfortable with.

What tips would you give to brides and grooms to make their wedding day run more smoothly?

Be organised! To make things easier work out how the flowers should be packed. 

For example, the groom’s buttonhole, groomsmen’s buttonholes as well as parents of the groom’s flowers. These are normally required in a separate box to that of the bridal flowers, as most wedding parties don’t all get ready at the same venue. Brides and grooms need to be aware that the caterer may require the cake flowers at a different time to the collection of the other flowers.

How can a bride and groom maximise their time spent with their florist?

It’s important to have some idea of what you would like prior to meeting with your florist. Everyone has opinions and most people would have seen something at some point that they would have either liked or disliked. I love an organised bride who comes in with photos out of magazines, from the web or even photos of other people’s weddings. 

What are some arrangements that you don’t get requested often but you think look great for a wedding?

Very large arrangements for churches and reception venues look great for a wedding. Normally bridal parties have flowers as bouquets for the bride, bridesmaids, flower girls and buttonholes for grooms and groomsmen, etc, but often the venues are quite bare. I think that large classical looking arrangements in the church and the reception venue add to the romantic look of the special day. 

How did you get started in the industry?

My family have a commercial cut flower rose growing business and after I had finished school I was offered an apprenticeship in floristry at a shop in Launceston. After I had completed my apprenticeship in 1998 I opened the first Tamar Valley Rose shop store in St John St Launceston and then in 2002 we opened a second store at Mowbray.

What is your favourite part about your job?

Definitely when the wedding flowers are all completed, boxed and have just been seen by the bride for the first time. I love the look of delight on the bride’s face. 

What is something unique to your service that you are extra proud of? 

I am extra proud of the fact that we grow all our own roses, so any blooms that are used in our weddings are extremely fresh, straight from the farm to the shop. And as we are also an Australian Agent for the French Rose Breeding company Meillands many of our brides are also able to have first choice of new rose varieties, often before mainland brides would even get to see the new rose colours.

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