Choosing wedding beverages

MV: ‘What attracted you to Daiquiris and how long have you been in the industry?’

GL: ‘I could not imagine working in an office anymore and started working with Daiquiri King. We are now in our sixth year. The most appealing part of my job is definitely the people that I get to meet.’

MV: ‘What do you find most interesting about working with weddings?’

GL: ‘We get quite a lot of requests for daiquiri machines for weddings — not just for the wedding day, but also for hen’s nights, bridal showers, bucks nights and engagement parties. Brides often choose the daiquiri flavours to suit the wedding colour theme, which is always interesting!’

MV: ‘What is the advantage of having a daiquiri machine at your wedding?’

GL: ‘There are many! You get a range of over 50 flavours and it is also economical compared to the traditional drinks served at weddings. The speed of delivery is also one of the biggest advantages as daiquiri machines are quick and easy, so your guests do not have to wait to be served.’

MV: ‘What tips would you give the bride and groom when choosing a beverage package and reducing costs?’

GL: ‘Seriously consider other options. You do not have to stick to traditional champagne and wine. By looking at other options you will not only save on costs but also provide your guests with something new. I am often told that when the daiquiris run out people ask for more and the other beverages available remain untouched.’

MV: ‘How are daiquiris different from other beverage choices?’

GL: ‘They are made from fresh fruit, which makes them a relatively healthy drink. They are frozen which is refreshing and cleanses the palate as well. The daiquiris come in different alcohol volumes, either four percent or eight percent so you can control your alcohol consumption. There are also a large variety of non-alcoholic choices!’

MV: ‘What are some of the most popular daiquiri mixes that everyone can enjoy?’

GL: ‘Some of the more requested flavours include ‘sex on the beach’, cosmopolitan and piña coladas. We also have a great cherry flavour that tastes just like a redskin candy, which is one of our most popular flavours!’

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