Choosing your bridal lingerie

blog39But for many years to come, your lingerie will still remind you of this special time together.

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect wedding lingerie.

Choosing the right style

You want to focus on what part of your body you feel is your best asset and emphasise it. There are so many styles out there, selecting one can be overwhelming. 

Ultimately choose something that you feel comfortable in. A rule of thumb is that empire waist complements every figure – you can find this in most “baby doll” styles.

Tip: The shock factor! If you are usually very reserved, go for something a bit risqué, but still tasteful and comfortable. If you are usually a more adventurous gal, go for a long sophisticated cut that is super sexy, yet leaves a little to the imagination.

Choosing the right colour

Selecting the colour is totally up to you, though most brides opt for the traditional white or ivory. But if you want to amp up the “wow” factor go for red, hot pinks, black, midnight blues, or even animal print.

When to slip into your wedding night lingerie

There is no one right answer to this. You can certainly wear it under your dress but it’s advisable you have two sets of lingerie – one that you will wear throughout the wedding and the other that will feature on the big night! 

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