Choosing your reception venue: Expert Q&A

Kristy Scott, Event Sales Manager for Blundstone Arena Function Centre is well versed at advising couples on what things they should consider when choosing their reception venue.

What are some of the things couples should consider when they’re searching for a reception venue?

I think couples should look at a whole range of aspects when choosing the best reception venue for them.

Are you seeking a venue that is flexible with its packages and pricing? Are you looking for a venue that will allow you to provide your own decorations and allow room access the day before your wedding so you have sufficient time to theme your venue? 

When I was planning my wedding I made a list of the top three things I was looking for in a venue and I only visited those that meet these ‘not negotiable’ points. 

How can a bride and groom maximise their time spent when meeting with their reception venue coordinator/caterer?

I find that the couples that come in with a guideline of what they are after, i.e. canapés followed by a buffet and their own wedding cake served tend to get their wedding plans ‘on track’ sooner. 

They may not go with this format in the end, they may work with us and decide on a different package or option but at least it’s a starting point.

The catering side of a wedding can be very daunting and I think planning out what you would like to offer your guests and then fine-tuning it to your theme, budget and location is the best method.

What are some trends you are seeing when it comes to wedding receptions?

We are seeing a lot of canapés at the start of the reception, this allows the guests to mingle after the ceremony while the bride and groom are having their photos taken or are just catching their breath after their nuptials.  

I like to offer these canapés in one of our other spaces away from the main reception room, this way the bride and groom don’t feel like they are missing out on their reception.

Once the canapés are over, the guest are directed to the reception room and once they are seated the bridal party enter.

How did you get started in the industry?

I worked in hospitality for many years and have a Bachelor in Business Administration majoring in Hospitality Management. I then found myself working in sales for around eight years before this job presented me the perfect combination of both careers – sales and hospitality!

What is something unique to your service that you are especially proud of?

I love the fact the our new reception venue has one of the most stunning views of the River Derwent, with Mt Wellington on one side and on the other overlooking the iconic Blundstone Arena. 

I find that one issue we have is that the groom wants the bridal table with the Oval as the backdrop and the bride wants the river as the backdrop!

What advice would you give to brides and grooms to ensure their wedding day runs more smoothly?

Personally, I think being very planned right up to the day helps. Make sure you are happy with all the aspects of the day from the ceremony to the reception and that the companies you have entrusted with proving these for you fully understand your expectations. 

On the day though, sit back and enjoy the moment and all of your planning.

Blundstone Arena Function Centre would like to offer Bride Tasmania readers 10% off their reception room hire when they make their booking. 

For more information visit their website or Facebook page.


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