Choosing your wedding ceremony music

There are several important elements that come into play when setting the overall feel of your wedding day. 

Your theme, style and décor all set the tone for the look of your day, but no element is more crucial to the mood than the soundtrack you choose.

Take your time and follow these suggestions when selecting the most appropriate music for when you walk down the aisle.

Decide what type of music suits your theme

For a more traditional ceremony choose classical instrumental pieces which evoke a romantic and timeless mood. Classics such as Here Comes the Bride or Pachelbel’s Canon in D are obviously enduring favourites.

It has become increasingly popular though to select more contemporary songs for your wedding ceremony. Whether it’s your favourite song as a couple or simply a much-loved current tune.

Consider the setting of your nuptials

It is important to consider the way sound will travel in your venue.

Vocal songs may be harder to understand in an outdoor setting, while some musical instruments may echo in large, indoor settings.

Determine how many songs you will need to cover the entire ceremony

You will need, at minimum, music as guests arrive, a song for the seating of guests, the processional, the entrance of the bride and music for any other special moments you choose to include in your ceremony.

Decide if you want any musical solos

If you have a musically talented close friend or relative it may be a nice way to personalise your ceremony by inviting them to sing or play an instrument.

Asking him or her to do a solo is also a great way to incorporate more loved ones into your wedding ceremony.

Make the time to practice the timing prior to the wedding rehearsal

Often the wedding rehearsal isn’t done until the night before the big day. However, if you wait until then to ensure the timing is right there won’t be enough time to iron out the kinks without some added stress.

Save yourself the upset and do a music run-through before the wedding to allow for any changes you may need to make.

Decide how you are going to go about hiring/finding musicians

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