Choosing your wedding reception venue

rydgeshobartYour wedding reception venue can set the whole tone of your big day. For advice on how to make light work of your venue and catring requirements look no further than the experts!

Jennifer Fluri is the Assistant Hotel Manager at Rydges Hobart. Here, she offers an insight into the wedding venue planning process, advice on how to maximise the time spent with your venue coordinator and the latest trends in wedding receptions.

What are some of the things couples should consider when they’re searching for a reception venue?

Couples should definitely look at trying to find a reception venue which has an all-inclusive package. I have found in the years I have worked in conferencing/weddings that all inclusive packages tend to be great value for money and leave most of the work up to the venue.

This takes a lot of work off of the bride and groom and I feel the less stress the better, as there is obviously already so much pressure involved in organising a wedding.

How can a bride and groom maximise their time spent when meeting with their reception venue coordinator/caterer?

I would say that this should be the job of the wedding coordinator to ensure that you are getting the most you can out of each meeting you have with them.

However, it does help if you are super organised yourself! Checklists are great and help to identify where you are at in your wedding planning progress.

I would also keep and print all email trails you have had with your coordinator to ensure all topics discussed are not missed. 

What are some trends you are seeing when it comes to wedding receptions and/or catering? 

I’m definitely seeing a huge rise in rustic/vintage weddings. Regarding catering, it seems rather than the traditional sit down dinner, couples are now looking at doing cocktail events.

The sit down dinner is still a popular option, however I think couples are trying their best to steer clear from traditional as much as possible and are trying to make their weddings a little more unique.

How did you get started in the industry?

I started on reception as a guest service agent at Rydges Darwin. I worked on reception for about a year until I was promoted to the Conference and Events Coordinator, which was a huge eye-opener and a big challenge. It was, however the best decision I made as it helped me gain so much knowledge in conferencing/weddings as the market for Rydges Darwin was very demanding.

I stayed in that role for almost two years, and was then offered this job as the Assistant Manager at Rydges Hobart where my main role is looking after sales/conferencing, which I am enjoying very much, even with this freezing Hobart weather!

What is something unique to your service that you are especially proud of?

I am proud that here at Rydges Hobart we only have a small team, which allows us to create personal relationships with our guests who stay with us and clients who book events.

I believe that this is a hard thing to find these days in such a fast paced and busy society. There is nothing better than working with a team who genuinely care about our guests and their experiences.

What advice would you give to brides and grooms to ensure their wedding day runs more smoothly?

I feel as though as long as the preparation and organisation of the wedding has been done really well with your coordinator, then you have nothing to worry about on the day itself.

Just remember that not everything runs on time and it is okay to be late, it is YOUR DAY! On most occasions things will run five to 10 minutes off schedule if you are late getting back to the venue etc, however it is your special day and if you have found a good venue then they will be flexible with you and ensure things are perfect.

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