Choosing your wedding transport

Blog62v2From a horse-drawn carriage to a sleek sports car, every couple wants to make an impressive entrance to their wedding.

When it comes to choosing your wedding day transport your vehicles should reflect your overall theme, whether built around a particular colour palette, season or a specific style, such as vintage or 40s glamour.

Owner of Luxury Bridal & Car Hire, Dennis Smith shares his tips on sourcing the perfect wedding transport.

What are some of the things brides and grooms should consider when they’re choosing their wedding transport?

They will need to be comfortable and relaxed in the cars they choose so they arrive at the ceremony fresh and not too hot or too cold. They should ensure the cars are properly accredited and insured. 

They need to consider their requirements carefully and ensure that their needs will be met fully by the company they choose and also how receptive that company is to any last minute changes that may have to be made. 

What are some of the trends you are seeing when it comes to wedding transport?

People are looking for something stylish and elegant. They are also looking for a name they know that they feel they can trust in a car. More couples are viewing the cars before they book too.

What do you think makes for the best transport?

A comfortable air-conditioned chauffeur driven car, so that the drive is the least stressful thing you have to deal with on the big day.

How can a couple match a particular wedding theme with their transport? 

In our case the cars are compatible with almost any colour and theme. The black and chrome of the cars matches or perfectly complements every theme and colour scheme without clashing. We can also put coloured ribbons on the cars instead of the usual white ones if a couple really wants a specific colour.

What is your favourite part about your job?

Seeing everyone dressed in their finest – especially the Bride and her Bridesmaids – and being dressed in a suit as well makes you feel part of the happy event. It’s also really rewarding when people compliment us on the condition of the cars.

What advice would you give to brides and grooms to ensure their wedding day runs more smoothly?

Plan things well in advance to ensure you have it all in place with plenty of time to allow for any last minute changes that have to be made. Enjoy the planning and involve everyone who shows an interest in it as they may have a great idea you haven’t thought of.

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