Choosing your wedding videographer

For camera-shy brides and grooms, the idea of being under the spotlight for your wedding video can be a daunting prospect.

But Adam Sills, owner of Brides Day Films has worked with many couples who initially shied away from the idea, only to be overjoyed by the finished product that was their wedding video.

Here, Adam shares his tips to ensuring your video is a success and how you can feel as comfortable in front of a camera as an A-list celebrity!

Wedding video productions have evolved significantly in the last five years; gone are the days of the long dreary productions.  

Today, wedding films come in different formats and a company such as Bride Day Films, will provide a number of edits to suit every purpose.

Your day can be edited down to the length of a song so you can relive the highlights of the day in one short clip. This clip captures the energy and excitement of your wedding and is well suited for sharing with family and friends online.

Then there is the extended version, which can be up to 45 minutes in length or more. This edit is ideal for a night in with your family and friends, where together you’ll enjoy reliving the day as it unfolded.

You may have relatives overseas, interstate, or too old to attend your celebration, then a wedding video is the perfect way for them to experience your event.

One thing is certain – the day will pass in a blur and the next morning you will both wake up feeling like you’ve missed out on something, because let’s face it, you can’t possibly be everywhere at once.

For example, the groom won’t see his bride getting ready in the morning, nor will the bride see the groom nervously waiting for her to arrive at the ceremony.

Most married couples will tell you, that you spend so much time trying to catching up with everyone that you never quite get a sense of the whole celebration.

So after months of planning, and all the money spent, it’s reassuring to have it all documented on a video.

Want a wedding video, but camera shy?

Experienced wedding film producers have often worked with many couples where one or the other has not wanted their big day filmed because they are camera shy.

Wedding videographers however, are familiar with this scenario and can help couples to overcome camera shyness. Believe us, your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life and time will fly by. You will be too busy getting married and enjoying yourselves to worry about the cameraman, who by then, you will know and feel comfortable with.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a truly memorable token from your day due to not feeling confident in front of a camera lens.

Here are some of the ways you can help overcome your camera shyness:

Meet before the day

By having a face-to-face consultation, the couple can meet the cameraman and see the cameras. Also they are able to view examples of previous work.

All this gives you an idea of how a wedding videographer films a wedding and what shots are crucial to making the film work. This consultation will make you feel more comfortable about having your day filmed.

Be yourself

Don’t be any different just because a camera is pointed at you. When you see the cameraman filming you, there is probably a creative reason for it and any change in your composure could possibly ruin the shot. So be yourself and ignore us, you may be surprised at how good the camera can make you look when you see the final cut.

The time out rule

Make an agreement with your camera crew that when you ask for time out, they stop filming around you. That way there is a comfortable understanding between you and your cameraman.

They will probably go off and gather some important shots for the film away from you and your guests.

Being interviewed

At some point during the day your camera crew may interview you on camera and ask a few questions such as “How has the day turned out so far?” At this stage, the camera will normally be placed on a tripod and the cameraman will ask you a few questions without having to man the camera himself.

Naturally, you will find yourself in a conversation with the cameraman and not the camera. This is normal practice and works well with a bride and groom that are genuinely shy. If you ignore the camera and get into a conversation your film will show the natural you, as your friends and family will recognise. And it’s all over within minutes!

I hate my voice!

Don’t we all when we hear ourselves on video. But don’t let that put you off having your wedding day filmed. We can’t do much with the way your voice sounds. Maybe we can speed it up or slow it down, or put some filters in it to make it sound different, but why? To people you associate with everyday, your voice on TV sounds no different.

And you need not be concerned if you mess up. We edit out all the “Errr’s”, little coughs and pauses, so your film will portray you speaking confidently and with a good pace.

Take two!

Okay, there won’t have a light’s, camera, action scenario at your wedding, but you can ask the camera crew to exclude any particular part of the recording at the time it is being filmed.

Wedding video today has become a must for most couples and with the digital technology available, your film can be compressed for the web, iPads and mobile phones, and be taken with you wherever you go.

You may choose not to have your day filmed because of a lack of confidence, but imagine the benefits in the years to come showing generations how you all looked and acted back on the day. Would you feel embarrassed watching it then? Once the film has been made and delivered, it soon becomes apparent that all the fuss was for nothing.

You can find out more by visiting the Brides Day Films website.

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