Choosing your winter wedding flowers

winter flowersPopular winter flower choices

Don’t be fooled into thinking your choices are limited during winter; there are many beautiful flowers you can select.

Hyacinth in purples, pinks and whites are a popular option, while tulips are stunning and available in many colours from pastels to brights. Sweet peas also give a pretty, soft look to a bouquet.

Winter reception recommendations

Beautiful blooms are essential to every reception space. Whether they are arranged on tables, hung in garlands or affixed to chairs, flowers heighten the beauty of your reception space.

For a high visual impact, go for tall winter branches and single varieties of flowers in individual vases at different heights, and keep the colour palette simple and clean.

Good winter blooms for this look include Singapore orchids, gladioli, delphinium and lissianthus. For a more intimate look, a low single table arrangement surrounded by candles and petals using mixed varieties of flowers, such as roses, lissianthus and sweet peas are also a good choice.

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