Choosing your wedding photography style

photography stylesYour wedding photographs are the most enduring keepsake from your big day.

After you’ve exchanged vows, danced your first waltz, the last of the Champagne is drunk and you’ve tossed your bouquet, all that is left are your cherished memories and the photos from the day.

Which reinforces just how important it is to find both the right professional photographer and decide on what style of photography you will have.

There are various photography options to choose from but generally speaking there are three main styles: traditional, documentary and contemporary.

Traditional wedding photography

Traditional (or classical) wedding photography captures those customary wedding day shots such as the exchange of rings, signing the marriage register, walking down the aisle as husband and wife, posed family group shots and the cutting of the cake.

Weddings are still considered formal occasions and this type of wedding photography has stayed popular.

Documentary wedding photography

Documentary (or photojournalistic) wedding photography is generally more relaxed, with the photographer appearing to “blend into the background”, capturing events as they unfold, often without you being aware that your photograph is even being taken.

Opting for this style of photography will result in some truly special shots, as people are relaxed and less likely to plaster on forced smiles or stand stiffly.

An experienced photographer will catch those unaware moments between you and your partner – a shared look, a stray kiss – which will result in an even more romantic wedding album.

Contemporary wedding photography

Contemporary, sometimes called avant garde, wedding photography generally involves unusual or “off the wall” ideas, often using unique camera angles.

This style of photography brings more of the photographer’s personality and their own artistic vision, whether it’s “fashion” or “arty” photography.

Although this style may be less popular, when done correctly the results can be fantastic and your wedding album will be highly unique.

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