Wedding date: OCTOBER 8, 2016


The meeting

Christalyn and Michael’s relationship began as they both worked at Country Club in Launceston some 7 years ago. Michael later told Christalyn that when he had come in to have dinner with his family, he saw her and thought what an attractive woman she was. “But he didn’t approach me as he was shy,” said Christalyn. “I thought it was sweet and funny because he’s not shy at all,” she said. Nevertheless, a relationship followed soon after.

The proposal

Michael proposed marriage on Christmas Day 2014 at the pair’s home. Their three children had opened their presents first, and then it was Christalyn’s turn. Michael handed her a box, which as it turned out, contained a smaller box inside it. All the boxes were placed one inside another in decreasing sizes. As Christalyn opened the last box, she found a note that said, ‘Will you marry me?’ As she looked up Michael was down on one knee with a gorgeous ring. “Our older two kids were aware of what Michael had planned and it was the best Christmas present ever,” Christalyn added.

The wedding

Christalyn and Michael’s wedding took place in Launceston. Their ceremony was at the Church of the Apostles, with a reception at the Tailrace Centre. “We didn’t have a wedding theme, but we chose black and white to work with, and since I love bling we incorporated that too,” she said. “We used pale pink, pale purple and ivory for the flowers. My bridesmaids wore mismatched black dresses which worked well together, and they looked stunning. We had a big bridal party which included children, but we were surprised at how well behaved they all were – there were no cries or tantrums!”

Highlights and hitches

To Christalyn and Michael the whole day was a highlight. “It was a beautiful sunny day – full of love, fun and laughter, and beautifully captured by our photographer, Yvonne Segda,” Christalyn said. “Everyone enjoyed their meal, especially our dessert buffet, and most [guests] danced the night away.”

Tips for other couples

• Hire a videographer to film your day. “The day goes by so quickly and before you know it, it’s over. Our videographer sent us a ‘trailer’ of our wedding last week and we cannot wait to see the whole video,” Christalyn said.


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