Coronavirus: What should you do about your wedding plans?

Coronavirus: What should you do about your wedding plans?
Image: Lifestyle Images by Alexandra Grimshaw

What should you do if you are due to tie the knot in 2020 in light of the current coronavirus crisis? We answer all of your questions.

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to alarm even the most organised of brides. 

Many nervous couples are asking what the coronavirus outbreak will mean for their upcoming nuptials. 

Over in the US, officials have advised all couples who were due to tie the knot in the next eight weeks to cancel their weddings. Although it’s important to note that the US have put in place tighter restrictions on social gatherings than Australia, with people advised to avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people (in Australia it’s 100).

While there are yet to be official recommendations announced in Australia regarding weddings, it’s clear that many of the social distancing measures activated so far by the government to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus are here to stay. And further restrictions are expected if the number of cases continues to climb in Australia. 

So what should you do if you are due to tie the knot in 2020? We answer all of your questions and what you will need to consider when it comes to planning your big day in light of the current coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus: What should you do about your wedding plans?
Image: Linda Pasfield Photography

How many guests can I invite?

This week the Australian government announced restrictions on non-essential public gatherings to no more than:

  • 500 outdoors
  • 100 indoors

While the average number of guests at Aussie weddings sits at around 100, if your guest list exceeds this number then you will need to either trim your numbers or consider an outdoor wedding. 

Can I invite overseas or interstate guests?

As of 9pm this evening (March 20th) a travel ban will be placed on all non-residents and non-Australian citizens coming to Australia. 

Australia has effectively closed our borders so, sadly, having international guests won’t be a possibility until the ban is lifted. 

Tasmania has also imposed it’s own strict travel restrictions. From this evening (March 20th), all “non-essential” travellers into the state will be required to go into 14 days’ quarantine. (“Essential” travellers are people required to keep the state’s health system and trade operational.)

should I post my wedding
Image: Linda Pasfield Photography

All others, including returning Tasmanians, will be required to go into quarantine.

You will need to factor this in when considering whether to invite guests from interstate.

Should I cancel or postpone by wedding?

Instead of cancelling your wedding, speak to all of your wedding providers to find out the options available around postponing.

Advice is changing rapidly in line with the rise in Australian coronavirus case numbers, so restrictions in place today may change in the coming weeks or even days. All you can do is go on the current advice and keep abreast of any developments. 

bridal table
Image: Lifestyle Images by Alexandra Grimshaw

Should I put special measures in place on my wedding day? 

Aside from limiting numbers, there are a few small measures you may like to put in place to protect the health of your guests, bridal party and yourselves:

  • Consider live-streaming your ceremony to elderly guests instead of having them attend. 
  • Even if your guest list is under 100, consider holding the wedding outdoors anyway, as people tend to be in closer contact when indoors.
  • Ensure guest bathrooms are stocked with plenty of soap for people to wash their hands. Also consider distributing hand sanitiser to guests. Hand sanitiser bombonieres, anyone?! 

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