Courtney + Sam

Photography: Arwen Dyer Photographer

Venue: Villa Howden

Courtney and Sam met at high school in Year 10. The pair were just friends until the beginning of Year 12 when Sam’s persistence finally paid off – according to Sam! Sam said that he wanted to begin a relationship with Courtney because he thought she was quiet, smart and beautiful, and also because he was intrigued and wanted
to get to know her better. Said Courtney, “[Sam] had spent the previous five months trying to convince me to go on a date with him. In the end, I said I would go, but that he had to stop asking once the date was over. At that point I didn’t think I had any romantic feelings towards him,” she said. However, something changed that night. “We had gone for a long walk in the park following a movie, and sat on the park bench talking for hours, and I discovered we had so much in common,” Courtney said. “Sam treated me so well – even offering me his coat, because I was cold. So we are both very glad Sam persisted,” she added.

Sam proposed marriage to Courtney on their four-year anniversary. “I was expecting it to happen because I had been dropping hints for the previous year about proposing on our anniversary,” said Courtney. “Plus I was pretty sure that he had a ring.” The pair spent the day of their anniversary together and they went out to lunch, where Courtney was expecting the proposal would happen. Only it didn’t. “I was pretty disappointed, because I was certain it was going to happen,” Courtney said. “We went home and I had a nap on the couch. I woke up an hour later with the lounge room lit up with candles, and Sam on his knees in front of me, asking me to marry him. He then slammed the ring case down on his finger because he was so nervous,” she added. “I was so excited and happy that I had forgotten that I was a bit disappointed before I went to sleep. Obviously I said yes, and we spent the rest of the night talking about wedding plans.”

Courtney and Sam’s wedding was held at Villa Howden, south of Hobart. “It was such beautiful weather, which was really lucky because we were married outside,” said Courtney. “Our theme was rabbits, pearls and lace, and our colour scheme was mint green and blue, with pearl and ivory. I spent the previous 12 months in the lead-up to the wedding hand-making all the invitations, and many of the table decorations. The most complex of which were the centrepieces, made from individual handmade crepe paper flowers. I did have a little help from my mum making those,” she added.

“We had a medium-size, intimate wedding that was held in the afternoon,” Courtney said. “The whole family helped with setting up the ceremony and the reception. Sam and I wrote our own vows, which were very heartfelt, but we also added some humour to them. We both succeeded in memorising our vows too, which made them even more special,” she said.

Sam’s brother was his best man, and on a less traditional note Sam also asked his sister to be a ‘groomswoman’. “Although it was not traditional, it worked really well on the day,” said Courtney.

For Courtney, one of the highlights was getting ready before the wedding with her closest friends, sisters and mum. “Another highlight was seeing the look on my husband-to-be’s face, as my mum and brother walked me down the aisle,” Courtney added. “It was so hard taking that first step out and down the aisle because it
was just so emotional,” she said.

Another highlight was Courtney and Sam’s wedding dance. “To begin with I was really nervous about it, and was thinking about not doing [a first dance], but then I decided to listen to some music to see if I could get a feel for a song. Sam and I both loved ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran,” said Courtney. “We spent the few months before the wedding working on our dance routine, and practicing, and I am so glad we did, because it was so very special, and a moment I’ll remember forever,” she added.

The only hitch during the ceremony was that Courtney’s veil fell off – twice. “It could have ruined the beginning of the ceremony, but I just laughed it off, stopped and put it back in,” she said.

Sam’s highlights were the same as Courtney’s, although from a different perspective. Sam choked up as he saw Courtney walking down the aisle. Said Sam, “I thought Courtney looked absolutely stunning, and I felt lucky to be spending the rest of my life with her.”

For more details on Courtney and Sam’s beautiful Tasmanian wedding, pick up a copy of Bride Tasmania Magazine from your newsagent…

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