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If you’ve already started planning your wedding, you’re probably aware of the copious decisions you’ll need to make in the process. One of these decisions include the style of your wedding hair ‘do. Should you wear your hair up or down? What about some waves or a low bun? You may have been coming across some inspiration for hair and makeup and the possibilities may be overwhelming.
If you’re undecided, we’ve got you covered with five of our best tips for choosing the perfect wedding day hairstyle. Once you’ve narrowed down the perfect ‘do, work with a professional hairstylist to bring your ideal look to life.

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1. Find a look that matches your outfit and overall wedding theme

The formality of your attire, your choice of venue, and the general style of your wedding are great starting points. Firstly, your locks should compliment your gown, not draw away from it. If you’re rocking a chic, modern ensemble like a pantsuit or a sculptural dress, perhaps consider a sleek ponytail, an effortless low bun (think of Meghan Markle’s wedding ‘do). Brides going for a more relaxed, rustic look (eg. a lace gown, high-waisted two-piece or an off-the-shoulder boho dress) may suit wearing their hair in loose, natural curls. To give it your own personal touch, add in braids, small flowers, a flower crown, a sparkly headpiece, or tie it back in a loose half-up style leaving a few wispy strands to frame your face. If you’re more of a ball gown bride, an up-do like an elegant French twist or soft Gibson tuck will show off your dress. A low hair-do like this will also help support a gorgeous veil.

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2.  Find Inspiration

If you haven’t decided on a wedding hairstyle, you’ve come to the right place. We suggest following hairdressers on social media and saving your favourite pictures (you can also screenshot your favourites to show your stylist). Don’t forget to bookmark any magazine pages and print photos to stick to your inspiration board as well. Browsing real wedding photos to find stunning hairstyles actual brides have worn on their wedding day is also recommended – purchase the latest edition of Weddings Tasmania Magazine or visit our Stories hub to check out some Real Weddings.
If you have a hairstylist you regularly visit, it would be a good idea to consult them first so you can start brainstorming the perfect look together.

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3. Nothing shines brighter than your hair

One thing to remember is that having smooth, shiny hair is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day hairstyle, especially since you’ll be in many photos.
There’s some good news for those with naturally straight hair, it tends to look glossier by nature, so showing off its texture is a must. To keep any stray strands away (whether from dry hair or staticity), combat this dilemma by rubbing a dryer sheet directly on your hair or spraying your hair with anti-static spray (you can buy this from most local supermarkets and chemists. Curly hair is prone to brittleness and dullness, so add some texture into your hairstyle. Before styling, massage moisturising conditioner into your locks and use a shining serum to add gloss and keep your frizzies down.

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4. Work with your length

Your wedding is your day, which means you should wear whatever hairstyle you want. If that means you need to get some extensions to achieve the look of your dreams, go for it. If you want to work with what you’ve got, your stylist will be happy to pull off a perfect look. But how do you choose a wedding hairstyle suitable for your length?
There are loads of sweet, sophisticated and glamorous options for short-haired brides (braided hairstyles are easy with short hair). For super short hair or pixie-cut hair, a fine-toothed headband or minimal barrette look, will work for modern, classic and vintage styles. This is also a great alternative for fuss-free brides. Those with longer locks will have more options, whether it’s  an updo—a wise choice in the summer or something more textured and full-bodied for the winter.
If you want to show off your length by wearing your hair down, there are tonnes of options for you to choose from too!

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5. Consider a headpiece

Are you going to be wearing a veil, a flower crown, or a shimmering tiara on your wedding day? If you’re going to be wearing one of these accessories, we recommend finding an effective way to attach it to your hair before the morning of your ceremony. Setting aside a day with your professional stylist will ensure your dream hair-do will work out on the day. For example, wide-toothed combs don’t work particularly well with straight and fine hair (but you can replace them with finer, less heavy combs). And you don’t want to find out your vintage crystal and pearl comb won’t stay put the morning of your wedding. Don’t forget to check and see if you like how your hairstyle looks without the accessory it in case you choose to remove it for the after-party.

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