Dressing your bridesmaids

Outfitting your bridesmaids has the potential for major drama – after all, friends don’t let friends look frumpy! Instead, be guided by these modern takes on getting your bridesmaids ready for the big day. They’ll love you for it!


Photo above: Essence of Australia

Cut and colour

Despite what your mum might insist, your bridesmaids don’t have to wear all one colour or cut on your wedding day. Let each of your bridesmaids express their own individual style, and choose the cut of gown that best suits their body shape.

Choosing colours

One of the easiest ways to choose colours for the bridesmaids dresses is to draw inspiration from the color schemes of the season you are marrying in, and your venue. If your wedding will be held at a vineyard with deep red décor, you’ll probably want to leave out bright yellow dresses. Rich shades – deep reds and plums, work well in the autumn and winter months, while lighter shades – mint and lavender are perfect for spring and summer. If you’re still at a loss for exactly which colour to choose, go for a general colour, like pink, and let your bridesmaids pick their favorite shades from light to dark for a contemporary, mismatched look. Want to push the boundaries further? Consider prints – floral-print bridesmaid dresses are on-trend right now.


Photo above: courtesy Pinterest

Add some sparkle

Who says your bridal party has to be understated? Sequins and beads add some sparkle and texture to your wedding outfits without being too flashy, as long as you keep dress shapes and necklines simple. Another added plus, is that you shouldn’t need to buy any major jewellery to wear with them.


Photo above: Jenny Smith and Co


Mixing hemline lengths lets everyone choose what works best for them. Plus, it makes the whole bridal party look more interesting. Change the hemlines within the bridesmaids group, or keep your bridesmaids in short frocks, and let your Matron of Honour stand out in a longer gown – or vice versa.

Mixing fabrics

There’s no need to be a single-fabric bridesmaid. A range of textures, from flowing tulle and silk to boho chiffon, mix nicely together if they’re all in the same shade.

All white

Thanks to Pippa Middleton, bridesmaids can now look chic in all white. Add some colour and personality to an all-white ensemble with accessories in bright colours or gleaming metallics.


Photo above: Wedded Wonderland

Coordinate the details

If you’re having a variety of bridesmaid dresses, hair and make-up can tie the look together. Give your bridesmaids the same ruby-coloured lipstick, or ask that they all wear a similar hairstyle. Make sure that they all have the right make-up with them beforehand and for touch-ups during the day. Better yet, organise a make-up artist for all of them and let the professional adapt the same make-up look to each face.

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