6 ways to have an eco-friendly wedding

Emma Gibbs is the author of the zero waste and sustainability blog A Life Lived Lightly. You can follow her on Instagram @a.life.lived.lightly.

Do our world a favour and implement some “green”, eco-friendly wedding elements into your big day.

6 ways to have an eco-friendly wedding

While saving the world may not be front of mind for busy brides planning one of the most important days of their lives, being kind to Mother Nature and hosting an eco-friendly wedding is actually incredibly easy.

Making informed choices about where your wedding catering and flowers are sourced from, and choosing wedding décor that’s sustainable are just some of the ways you can help lessen the demand on our planet. 

The dress… 

One of the most eco-friendly wedding gown options is of course wearing a second-hand dress or repurposing an existing one (such as updating your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gowns).

If you have your heart set on “something new” though, you can still do your little bit to help our planet.

Ask your wedding gown designer whether they use sustainable fabrics (like certified organic cotton, silk or hemp). Even if they don’t currently offer these alternatives, an increase in the number of customers asking for these materials may prompt them to consider more environmentally conscious options in the future.

As for your bridal party, dress them in vintage or second-hand gowns. You can find loads of pre-owned bridesmaids dresses online, many of which have only been worn once. Remember, pre-worn does not have to mean worn-out. Just check over all second-hand dresses for marks or wear (especially under the arms).

The catering…

Talk to your venue about where they source their food from – hopefully they should embrace locally grown produce. Opt for certified organic produce if you can and at the very least, ensure the food served is in-season.

Consider opting for a vegetarian only menu and when it comes to a buffet, talk to the catering team about not going crazy and therefore creating a whole heap of wastage.

If you’re providing your own alcohol, source tipples from a local brewery, winery or distillery to support the local community.

The décor…

This is where you can really have some fun saving the planet! Scour local markets, vintage stores and eBay for second-hand items you could use for your wedding décor and table settings. 

Mason jars, flowerpots and 100% pure beeswax candles (Queen B are the only candles we would consider purchasing, read here to find out why!) are just some of the eco-friendly décor options you could use.

Hiring rather than buying items – such as crockery, cutlery, chairs and extra décor – is also a much greener option.

The flowers…

Make sure you source your wedding flowers from local providers and opt for in-season and organic blooms. You may not realise it but many wedding flowers are grown overseas using pounds of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, so going local will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

You could also look to floral alternatives such as 100% certified organic cotton flowers for your wedding bouquet, and for table centrepieces use potted plants and artfully arranged branches.

The stationery…

This one is a no-brainer. Source, or better yet, do away with paper invites altogether and send e-invites to your guests. 

If you do want to opt for the traditional stationery invites, look for providers who use recycled paper products and vegetable-based inks.

The cake…

Check with your local cake maker whether they use locally-sourced ingredients (like eggs and dairy products) for their wedding cakes. 

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