Emily + Lee

The meeting

It was a lunch date that turned what was meant to be an hour-long catch up into a seven-hour encounter featuring ice-cream, beer and eventually dinner that sparked the beginning of Lee and Emily’s romance. 

Work is often the last place you would think to find the love of your life, but a friendly hello from Lee had helped to set the wheels of romance in motion. From there, it took five years for Emily and Lee to go on that first seven-hour date, but for both it was obvious that it had triggered the beginning of something amazing. 

The wedding

Although only being officially together for a number of months, it wasn’t long before Lee decided to pop the big question. Emily of course said “yes.”

As the founder of beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog ‘Why Hello Beauty’, inspiration was in abundance for the bride. Right from the start Emily and Lee worked as a team to realise their vision of their big day and what it would look like for them. “I was involved with it all,” explained Lee. From the very beginning both bride and groom knew that simple, elegant, but with a touch of fun was what they were hoping to achieve on their big day. Rather than opting for fanfare, a long-winded ceremony and a more traditional sit-down reception with more speeches than guests would care to listen to, Emily and Lee decided on simple, sophisticated and social.

It also wasn’t until the second visit to the bridal shop that Emily knew she had found ‘the’ dress. “I walked out of the change room and both my bridesmaids cried – that’s how I knew it was the one,” said Emily.

Sitting down in their home located on the beautiful North-West Coast of Tasmania in picturesque Penguin, Emily and Lee explained that it was this location that would be central to their ceremony. 

Sixty family and friends gathered at the Railway Station in Penguin, with Bass Strait featuring as the backdrop of the intimate ceremony. A beautiful ornate mantelpiece, freshly cut flowers in glass bottles lining the aisle and a smiling groom at the end greeted Emily as she stepped out of her father’s custom built Hot Rod.

With the reception taking place at a hotel in Ulverstone, guests were greeted with plates of canapés, a lolly bar and an informal dining set-up; no table numbers, no official seating arrangements and no fuss. Speeches were also kept to a minimum, with only Lee being the solo speechmaker. Throughout the evening various hot and cold canapés were served, helping to create “a very social atmosphere”, said Emily. 

A final word from both – “be organised but be prepared to adapt as the game plan often changes throughout the course of the planning process.”

Highlights and hitches

In line with their simple and elegant wedding theme, both Emily and Lee had chosen simple wedding vows. After a short ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktail hour at the former train station. Emily explained that this was one of the most important aspects of the day, as they both wanted their guests to feel comfortable and relaxed.

The honeymoon

Emily and Lee headed to Sydney soon after their wedding for a ‘mini-moon’ (Lee is an avid Sydney Swans supporter and attended a closed training session). The pair are planning an overseas trip later this year, but wanted to celebrate their nuptials with a shorter trip first. Their advice to others who are planning their honeymoon? “Visit somewhere that means something special to you.”  

Tips for others

• Work out what you want before organising anything.

• Have a budget in mind and know that this may change a little.

• Arrange the suits first; it isn’t always about the bride and bridesmaids.

• Let the personalities of the bridesmaids shine through. Create a look that ties them together, but also highlights their quirks and differences. This can be done through simple things like wearing different earrings on the day.

• Utilise professionals correctly – make up, hair etc (they will help make the day less stressful).

• Eat – one of the most important things. You often don’t find yourself eating until late, so make sure to have platters and nibbles throughout the pre-wedding prep process. 

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