Celebrity wedding: Emily Simms & Pierre Ghougassian

Fans of Network Ten’s The Bachelor will remember Emily Simms as one of 21 women vying for the heart of personal trainer Sam Wood back in 2015.

Celebrity wedding: Emily Simms & Pierre Ghougassian

While she didn’t win the heart of bachelor Sam, she has found her happily-ever-after with real estate agent Pierre Ghougassian, with the loved-up pair having tied the knot on August 17th in a lavish Melbourne wedding. 

We sat down with Emily to hear all about the big day.

So Emily, how did Pierre propose? 

“Pierre’s birthday is February 14th, Valentine’s Day, and I had arranged to take him out for dinner at The George on Collins.  

“He suggested we get a nice photo out the front before we go in, so we asked a nice passerby if they could please take a photo for us. Pierre then turned to me and proposed. The lady taking our photo switched it to video mode, so we have both photos and videos of the gorgeous moment.”

How did you find the experience of planning a wedding? Where did you take your inspiration? 

“I was always very clear about what I wanted, and Pierre likes my taste, so he trusted me in choosing everything. As we only got engaged in February, and our wedding was August, we decided on things very quickly.  

“The style I went with was glamorous and a sort of antique feel. The George Ballroom where our reception was is simply stunning, so not much needed to be done to the room. We had simple garlands down the centre of the long tables, and arrangements around the welcome sign, seating chart, bar and wedding cake.  

“I did find all of the planning incredibly stressful at times, as I was doing everything by myself. It is like a full-time job! So much coordinating, and of course every bride wants it to all go perfectly, so the stress of that all adds up.”

Where did you hold your wedding ceremony? 

“Our ceremony was on the balcony of the Melbourne Town Hall. I loved the columns, and I found it in keeping with the style of The George Ballroom. I really wanted everything to flow nicely.  

Tell us about your bridal gown, groom’s suit and the bridesmaids’ dresses.

“My gown was designed and made by Tanya Didenko Bridal Couture. I have dealt with Tanya for three years now. She has made me some stunning dresses to wear to various events over the past few years, so it was a no-brainer that I would go to her for my wedding dress.  

“I never tried on any wedding dress at all. I went to Tanya with photos of different designs that I liked, and took inspiration from each of them. She knows me quite well now, knows my body shape and knows my style, so it all worked really well. 

The groomsmen’s suits were made by Remy, who is actually Pierre’s youngest brother. He owns a bespoke tailoring business, situated in Sydney. The bridesmaids’ dresses were all designed by Love Honor. I sent them through a number of inspo shots, and they made them exactly as we had discussed, and they fit the girls perfectly.”

What about the flowers?

“I told the lovely Nat from Foxy Evergreen that I didn’t want standard flowers. I can’t stand your average old rose. I was quite specific about that. 

“The one flower I told her I absolutely wanted was phalaenopsis orchids in a magenta sort of colour. And no Australian natives! All whites, soft pinks, deep pinks and lots of greenery. I also told her I didn’t like a posy of flowers.  I like the cascading sort of look. We couldn’t have been happier with her work.”

And your wedding stationery?

“One day while searching Instagram for some inspiration, I stumbled across Giant Invitations, and I am so glad I did! They were a dream to deal with, and created all of our invites and signage.

“The first thing they did was design our wedding invites and my bridal shower invites. For the wedding invites, as with everything else, I knew exactly what I wanted. White and gold, and laser cut, with a beautiful scripted font, and that’s exactly what they provided.

“At the reception, I wanted a pop of colour, so went with a deep pink, burgundy sort of colour, for all the place cards, menus and seating chart. We also had little framed signs with our hashtag on the tables. The welcome sign was on a decal, stuck to a beautiful ornate gold mirror. It was literally exactly what I had pictured in my head.”

Did you choose a certain style of photography? 

“Ramy from Ateia was amazing. He was so easy to deal with, from start to end. I think my words to him when we first met were, ‘no 90’s style glamour shots please!’. I’ve seen so many bridal shots that seem to go for this look, and that is definitely not our style. I wanted it romantic, glamorous and fashionable, without looking dated.”

What was the highlight of the day? 

“The highlight of the day was definitely when we first saw each other down the aisle, and walking down the aisle with my dear old dad. It was a beautiful moment, and one I will never forget.”

What’s your advice for other brides?

“My best advice is to make sure you know what you want, before you go talking to suppliers.  

“Scour the net, Pinterest etc, for inspo. If you don’t know exactly what you are after, then I feel this is where confusion can start to creep in, and you become unsure if you’ve chosen the right thing or not.  

“You need to be clear and concise, so that you don’t feel disappointed on your big day. Think about yours and your partner’s taste, and try your best to emulate that on your wedding day.”

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