Fabulous floral styles

Flowers add colour, fragrance and style to your wedding day, and you really can’t go past using the expertise of a well-trained florist – especially when it comes to wedding flowers. A quality florist can advise on what flowers are in season at the time you will marry, which flowers will add a wonderful perfume to your day, and importantly what floral style will best suit your wedding.

Finding your floral style

There are endless combinations of flowers available, but it’s really important to choose the style of flowers that will best suit the style of your wedding. The creative vision for your wedding can come from any starting point – often it’s the setting you choose to hold your wedding in – be it an industrial warehouse, a sophisticated city hotel, or a romantic winery in the country. As the elements of your wedding begin to take shape, a style will emerge – be it rustic/vintage, modern glamour or classic and clean. The florals for each style need to be carefully chosen to create your desired look, and this is where your florist can help.


Rustic/vintage inspired florals conjure up images of soft romantic blooms, Roses, Peonies, Ranunculi, Lavender, and natural foliage. Paired with hessian, twine, lace and heirloom brooches to decorate. Imagine laying in the long grass with the summer breeze blowing past vineyards and old farmyard barns to create this look – it’s perfect for a relaxed wedding style.



Textured-inspired florals are just that – textured, full of lush green foliage, berries and succulents. Instead of being the filler, the focus of these arrangements is the foliage. From deep green or lime-coloured succulents to rough prickly Sea Holly, the combinations can be quite spectacular.


Modern Glamour

Modern glamour inspired florals are for the bride who loves lots of bling! Crystals, diamantes, chandeliers, mirror glass and candles sum up this style.  Everything is big and beautiful with the modern glamour style. That means plenty of flowers too. Hydrangea, Orchids, Roses, Gladioli, lush foliage and carpet runners of rose petals. A style with a definite WOW factor.


Classic and clean

Classic clean inspired florals are always popular, feminine, romantic and traditional. All the classic blooms are used – Peonies, Ranunculi, David Austin Roses, Lisianthus, Freesias and Hydrangea. Beautifully formed round domes in the bridal posies and table centres signify this look for the perfect Princess Bride.


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