Five ways to repurpose your wedding dress after the big day

When it comes to planning your wedding, no task is more fraught with equal parts excitement and angst than shopping for “the dress”.

Finding just the right style, fit and shade of white is of upmost importance and often this is one of the more expensive components of your wedding budget.

Sadly, after your big day has zoomed by at lightening speed, having the opportunity to wear your gown a second time rarely presents itself.

For today’s modern brides though, the traditional method of having your wedding dress preserved and stored in the wardrobe is becoming a thing of the past.

With this in mind, here are five unusual things you can do with your wedding dress after the big day.

1. Frame it

Take your gown to a bespoke framer and work with them to create something truly unique. The options are endless when framing a dress. As well as the dress itself you can add your invitations, flowers, photographs and mementos from the wedding to your frame. It’s something that can be pass down to future generations.

2.  Destroy it (and photograph it)

If the idea of “destroying” a gown you’ve spent a sizeable chunk of cash on doesn’t faze you then this option is for you! “Wedding dress destruction” ideas range from playing in the mud, having people throw paint at you, eating very messily with chocolate, to riding on roller coasters. Find your favourite thrill and do some damage. Just make sure you have someone with a camera to get the shots.

3.  Think of your future children

You’ve married the man of your dreams, in the perfect dress. What better way to repurpose a gown which holds so many heartfelt memories than to have it made into something for a special occasion for your children. Christenings, first communions and other religious ceremonies are perfect occasions which call for a white or ivory gown made to fit your child. Naming ceremonies and first birthdays also deserve a beautiful dress.

4.  Fancy dress  

Just because it has been five years since your wedding, doesn’t mean you can’t break out the dress to be a blushing bride for the evening.

5.  Repurpose it

Find a seamstress and talk about ways of altering your dress, or using bits of the beadwork, to make into the perfect cocktail dress that you can wear whenever you fancy.

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