Getting married… for the second time

Not too long ago, many couples believed that getting married for the second time called for a smaller, more pared back celebration, rather than the elaborate and extravagant event often denoted by first time nuptials.

Today, however, with second time weddings becoming more commonplace, staging an event with all the trimmings is entirely up to you – and also marks the chance to get things right!


While it seems to be popular opinion that your second wedding dress should be considerably more understated, many second-time-around-brides are disregarding stuffy and outdated protocol and wearing something a little less conventional.

If you prefer to wear white, do so, or alternatively this is your chance to wear a truly remarkable gown in any colour you wish. If you really want to break away from the traditional bridal look a sexy slip dress or beautiful suit will certainly save you from looking like “the princess” on the day.


While many couples these days are already paying for their weddings anyway, when it comes to second weddings, the cost most definitely falls to you.


As you will be covering the cost for the entire wedding – and since you probably have accumulated enough household goods already – consider setting up a honeymoon gift registry. Another popular idea is to have a “wishing well” whereby guests can give money anonymously.


It goes without saying that inviting guests from your past may throw up certain questions as to what is appropriate. Every couple’s situation is different, but as a rule it is advisable to avoid inviting former in-laws and ex-spouses, even if you’re on good terms.


Generally, the bridal party is smaller the second time around. It is perfectly okay to use the same friends or family in your second bridal party as the first, but keep in mind this may be a good chance for a close friend or family member to be included that wasn’t the last time. It’s also completely acceptable to have no bridal party, too.


Any reference to you or your partner’s previous marriages is a big no-no. Not only will it make guests feel awkward – not to mention you and partner – it will serve as an untimely reminder that you’ve done this all before and is obviously not the most romantic anecdote to the day.

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