7 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that aren’t flowers and chocolates

 valentines day gift

With February 14 just around the corner, instead of buying the usual flowers and chocolates, what about thinking outside the square and choosing a more meaningful gift that will show your significant other how much you really care?

1. Wine

Okay, this may not be a huge step up from flowers and chocolates, but a fabulous bottle of red wine or Champagne that the two of you can enjoy together is usually always well received!

2. A note

Who says your gift needs to be expensive? A handwritten note that expresses how much you love your other half would be a wonderful heartfelt gesture.

3. Time together

Spending quality time together should be a top priority at any time. It could be as simple as taking a walk together, going for a picnic (if the weather permits… or staying indoors together if it doesn’t), going for a coffee together, or cooking your partner’s favourite meal. For those who want to take it a step further, what about booking a romantic weekend at your partner’s favourite location?

4. Their favourite restaurant

Take your significant other to their favourite restaurant or favourite venue in town. It may not necessarily be your favourite spot, but it will show them you care.

5. Favourite movie or TV series

If your partner loves the movies, what about movie tickets or tickets to a favourite concert? If there’s a television series you both love, maybe a DVD box set? Or even a good book?

6. A day out

If your guy likes to shoot, book a day at a local shooting or archery range. If he likes to fish, point him in the direction of the nearest river with some new lures. If he’s a gamer, get him a new game. Or send him off to play 18 holes on the nearest golf course.

For the girls, what about a day at a day spa, a day with friends on a wine tour, or a shopping trip with a gift card from a favourite store? Give your partner a day out without any guilt or strings attached and they will love you for it. This would obviously take place the day after you have your romantic dinner together.

7. Romantic jewellery

A matching necklace and earring set would be the perfect Valentines gift for brides-to-be who are soon to be married. An engagement ring would be an even better Valentines gift for those who are currently thinking about marriage!

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