How to arrive at your wedding in style

Arriving at your ceremony is a big moment, making a scene of it is nothing out of the ordinary – so today Weddingstas has a few recommendations when it comes to transportation.

Something Traditional

Geoff Cuthbert, owner of The Untouchables, commands a fleet of meticulously maintained classic wedding cars from the 1920s and 1930s era. If you want to be transported back to a bygone era on your wedding day, Geoff and his team will provide their immaculate cars and service to ensure you arrive in style.

Something Classic

Sometimes the happy couple want to arrive at their wedding in something a little cliche. A decorated buggy or Kombi van is all you need!

Something Eco-friendly

some couples are interested in making their wedding as firendly to the earth as possible but also want to make an impression upon their arrival. If you are one of these couples, these cute old-fashioned methods will suit your wedding perfectly!

What are some of the things couples should consider when they’re choosing their wedding transport? 

Bride and grooms need to ensure that the transport provider is accredited to be able to provide a legal service that is covered by the correct Transport Tasmania licenses and insurance.

Non-accredited persons do not have the insurance cover in the event of an accident.

Hiring a car from a friend of a friend, or someone you don’t know, who has a nice looking car, is fraught with danger.

Time and time again we hear of couples being let down at the last minute. Dont let this be you.

Advice for couples to ensure the wedding day runs more smoothly

Only book your cars through an accredited operator and check his details, before you commit.

If making a booking well in advance, try to call your supplier or drop him an email every three months or so, just to check that everything is still as you have booked and if your provider has not called you to re-confirm all your arrangements during the week before your wedding, give him a call, to re-confirm. A quick phone call is a lot less stressful than being left waiting for a car that has not turned up on your big day!

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