Six steps to choosing your wedding colours

How to choose your wedding coloursColour — it’s often the unifying feature of your wedding, and it can have a major influence on the overall look and feel of your wedding, so it’s worth spending some time to get right.

The key to creating a successful wedding colour combo is simply understanding the relationship between colours — and no you don’t need to be a graphic design artist to get started, just follow a few simple steps.

1. Aim to choose your wedding colours before buying your gown, or choosing the flowers or contemplating wedding decorations. Ideally your colour choice should reflect your wedding venue. Why? Because an informal summer beach celebration lends itself to a different colour palette than a swanky city wedding in winter, while a spring garden wedding would benefit from a different colour palette to a country wedding in autumn.

2. Consider a few of the following options: if you plan on being married in or near a green leafy garden, then pairing white with a different shade of green, or blues, pinks or red can look spectacular. Beach weddings are beautifully complemented with shades of blue, white and beige, or yellow and orange for a tropical feel. While formal city weddings are well suited to crisp black and white and metallic tones.

3. Consider the season you are marrying in. Perhaps you want to opt for a romantic atmosphere in spring with pretty pinks and pastels, or a natural cooling effect in summer with greens and neutral shades? Do you want to warm things up in autumn and winter with deep, rich tones, or opt for a fresh and casual feel with light brights for summer?

4. Our advice is to stick to no more than two, or possibly three colours. Or you could consider simply opting for classic white throughout. All white is very elegant, and is virtually impossible to mess up.

5. Consider where you will highlight your colour theme: think bridal party’s outfits, to the wedding cake, the candles, table decorations, stationery, flowers and even your wedding transport and photo album.

6. To give you a helping hand, one website we love is This is a great way to find loads of colour inspiration. Another option, believe it or not, is to head to your local paint store to check out the paint manaufacturers’ colour charts and suggestions. And if you take the paint swatches with you, it can help to make choosing other wedding goodies like flowers, cakes and bridesmaids’ outfits easier later on.

Of course there are no hard and fast rules and if you’re confident with choosing colour, then the only limit is your imagination.


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